Saturday 08.23.2008 —

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I awoke in the morning.. and eventually took over the TV. Should’ve set the alarm. :/ ..I finally caught both TMNT: BTTS promos on the DVR from CW4Kids. Yay.. Not looking forward to Viral at all. She was one of the most annoying things to me in Fast Forward.. along with all the other FF-original characters.. among the many other things. 4Kids really shouldn’t have rushed them into starting Fast Forward. That was why it failed and didn’t start to get any good until the end. :/

I couldn’t really think of anything else to watch, so I watched another MST3k (“Gamera”). Once my dad returned home from an errand, we watched The Terminator (when I first watched this DVD, I fell asleep during the middle.. then put it away for a few years.. so a lot was still new to me, coool.. so I like it a bit more than I did before) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (still a great film.. I see they casted John well in the TV show.. Sarah, however.. much hotter here :p).

We had some supper, then I got online for a bit.. er, few hours. I had some stuff to watch on the bedroom DVR, but I never went. Another night wasted. Ah well… DVDAf’s new user pages are.. rather interesting. Don’t like how they’ve shoved my collection layout thing into a little box like that though. :/

Well.. see ya..?

[ Obama NOT A US Citizen – Ineligible For President ]
[ Zogby Poll – Obama Loses Key Electoral Votes ]
[ Buchanan Accuses McCain Neocon Warmonger Of Treason ]
[ US Debates Going After Militants In Pakistan ]
[ Partial Pullout – Russian Checkpoints, Buffer Remain ]
[ Georgia Crisis Sparks New Cold War In Space ]
[ Banking Systemic Crisis – Losses Pass $500 Billion ]
[ Another Friday, Another Bank Closing ]
[ The Real US Dollar Crisis Is Ahead ]


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