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Looks like Paramount’s Nickelodeon Rewind Collection DVDs didn’t do all that well in sales. Because beginning on Friday August 29th, will be offering a selection of exclusive DVD releases and boxed sets of Nickelodeon shows. They’re a part of Amazon’s CreateSpace burn-on-demand program. You order, the discs will be burned, the packaging will be prepared, then it will be shipped to you. The series include classics like Doug, Hey Arnold and Rocko’s Modern Life, as well as newer series like Zoey 101, Unfabulous and South of Nowhere. I’d only be interested in Rocko and South of Nowhere. But Rocko is only a couple “best of” releases (..a 71min 2-disc set? O_o) and the complete seasons of South of Nowhere are a bit too high-priced for me. :/

Here’s something I never would have expected.. A second anime TV series of Fullmetal Alchemist has been confirmed. I know, I can’t believe it either. The first series and the movie were awesome, and I felt it wrapped up everything quite well. But with such a well-done wrap-up, where would this new series begin? Well, I guess here’s our answer: “Moon Phase is saying that it is a reboot adaptation of the manga, and will be a year long TV series like the first series. It’ll air starting in April 2009 on the new GeassR2/00SecondSeries slot on TBS and MBS on Sundays.” The anime did eventually stray from the manga plotlines.. Nonetheless, I’m so looking forward to it. 🙂

I stayed up late last night and made it through all seven issues of Infinite Crisis, then started on 52 the next morning. I really should start on the Heroes graphic novel too. I’ve only read the very early issues, but now have CBR versions of all 99 issues thus far (100 goes online next Tuesday). I’d like to finish them before the new TV season, since I hear the more recent issues are serving as a prologue..

I finished up online and we soon went to a couple grocery stores.. but I didn’t get anything. We only have so much money left for the month.. We returned home and I watched three more episodes of Dexter: Season 2 (omg, these episodes were great.. so looking forward to the final three tomorrow.. though also sad that it’ll all be over already), followed by The Secret Life of the American Teenager (I didn’t enjoy this as much as usual, possibly due to the TV equivelent of following a glass of fine wine — well, three — with a glass of tap water :p ..Amy’s friends finally did some conversing with someone besides Amy, wow.. probably because she wasn’t at school :p ..I enjoyed the asian couple’s masturbation subplot the most though).

Once all that was over, we had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I finished up online by 8PM, then we watched Felon. Pretty good for a direct-to-video movie. We both liked it. Could barely tell that was Val Kilmer. :p ..Then we followed that up with Flashpoint (another great episode) before I returned to my room for the night.

Yeah, you know..

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