prjf 1826 spoiler / reaper mst3k dvd art / today

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title. Episode 1826: “Don’t Blow That Dough” is set to premiere on September 29th.

PRJF Episode 1826 – “Don’t Blow That Dough” – Writer: John Tellegen – The rangers get sucked into a cheesy game show about the past season. Camille hosts the game show and a wrong answer could result in being cancelled!

The “scab” writers are gone for this episode alone, then return for three more, making me think this one was written after the writers’ strike. We see why this is airing after a six-week break — it’s another useless recap episode.. and sounds like it could be one of the worst yet. :p has cover art for the November 5th DVD release of Reaper: Season One. Nice.. They also got a new look at the October 28th DVD release of Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Anniversary Edition. Wow, I wish I could afford that..

I awoke in the morning.. and quickly wasted most of my morning online. Not long after I left the computer, my dad returned home from dialysis. We watched some lame morning TV and had some breakfast. Then I got online again and my dad soon headed to bed. Eventually, I watched Fat Guy Stuck In Internet (that.. ending.. so stolen from Back To The Future.. only done horribly.. like the rest of it.. and it’s the season finale already.. hopefully series finale… where’s Saul damnit?) and Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! (not all that much better.. but I actually laughed a couple times..).

I got online for a bit yet again, then watched another episode of MST3k as my dad woke up (“Godzilla Vs. The Sea Monster”.. lol, and so ends Season 2..). We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. I then finished up online by 8PM. I didn’t feel like watching a movie, so I watched the first two episodes of Skins.. as aired on BBC America. I really liked it. *starts Season 1 torrent* The selective censoring was odd though. “Shit” is fine, “tits”, “cock” and “fuck” are not. Bare ass is alright too, but not bare breasts. BBC America also thought to include selective subtitles.. and surprisingly enough, I found them usable.. though annoying at times as well. The content surprised my dad.. the very few times he looked at the screen. :p

Once that ended, I got online.. and burned Firefly (as well as the movie) on data DVD. If I like it, I promise I’ll buy it on actual DVD.. the next time it reaches $20. I just didn’t like the whole “cowboys in space” deal back when it premiered.. and I was possibly still pissed about Dark Angel being canceled because of this show.. but I’ll be giving it another shot. I heavily enjoyed Buffy & Angel, so.. yeah..

A bit later, I watched the last new episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury for a while — 1825: “One Last Second Chance”. Wow. Pretty good episode. DaiShi’s battle with RJ and his father was great, as was the big eight-ranger battle at the end. The latter especially because they didn’t grow the monster just for a five-second megazord battle. :p RJ recalibrates the Claw Cannon to disconnect the Spirit Rangers, putting the Masters’ lives on the line. So they succeed in disconnecting them, but Master Finn gets trapped in a Crystal Eye. The monster of the day is sent to cast it into the ocean, but Flit intercepts and delivers it to RJ, who thought that his father had died. RJ said “dead”, which was a bit of a surprise to me.. He then remembers that tube thingy from two episodes ago, and uses the captured starlight inside to save his father. Together, they storm DaiShi’s temple and eventually save the other two Masters. I see Jarrod is starting to fight the evil a little. Cool.. Soon commences the awesome eight-ranger battle. But in the end, the Spirit Rangers destroy the MotD all by themselves, zord-free. They then comment that the Spirit Rangers will be sticking around to help them out. I wonder how long..? The final episodes of the season begin six weeks from tonight. :/

Well.. see ya.

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  1. aresef Says:

    Wrong. The scabs write the next episode, then the last block is Jackie and John.

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