4kids fall schedules / today

An official 4Kids source has posted on The Technodrome Forums the new fall schedules for CW4Kids & 4KidsTV, both beginning Saturday September 13th. Spectacular Spider-Man reruns & the new TMNT: Back To The Sewers will air back-to-back at 9AM & 9:30AM ET respectively on CW4Kids. Meanwhile, Chaotic: Millennium Invasion will be premiering on 4KidsTV at 10AM ET.. and will be getting an animation upgrade from Dong Woo Animation that TMNT deserves but isn’t getting. It seems to be getting another downgrade instead. Great job, 4Kids. Great job. -_-

I fell asleep watching Daily Show at 2AM. The recent Jungle Fury reference got me interested in seeing it. The opening segment was pretty funny.. but the rest.. *yawn* ..I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, then watched Monday’s two episodes of Gurren Lagann (cool). My dad returned from dialysis, we had some breakfast, then I got back online.

While online, I started getting interested in comics now. I eventually torrented all of 52 and Infinite Crisis, and read 52 #1. Cool.. All these years, I’ve watched comic-based TV and movies.. without ever reading the source material. Mostly due to the intense crossovering in the bigger storylines. I’m all “what order should I read these in?” even now. I only downloaded Infinite Crisis after seeing that 52 started where it left off and it left me scratching my head a bit..

My dad headed t o bed, then I soon watched three more episodes of Gossip Girl: Season 1 (mmm, 25-year-old teenage hotties.. and Serena’s mom’s not too bad either :p), followed by another MST3k (“Godzilla vs Megalon” ..lol, it was sorta like watching DBZ, with Goku/Godzilla taking a bit to arrive and save the day :p).

I got online and news-gathered, then had some supper. Then I read Countdown to Infinite Crisis, guessing that would be a good place to start with that. Pretty good. Any other recommendations? So far, I only have the two series stated above and all post-TV series Buffy & Angel so far.. that I should I get to reading as well..

There was nothing on TV once again due to the Olympics, so I watched War Inc.. It was a DVD screener rip with words covering the screen every 15-20 minutes, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. It felt a tiny bit like Southland Tales, only toned down a bit.. which made it better. The political messages were great.. as were the sexy scenes from Hilary Duff. It took me a little while to get into it, but.. I definitely like it enough to purchase the DVD. But too bad it won’t be released until October 14th.. and will be bare-bones.. 😦 ..Later, I watched The Soup (Julie Benz promoting the Dexter: Season 2 DVD, nice) and Lewis Black’s The Root of All Evil (this was probably filmed last as a special.. Olympics episode.. due to the “this season is dedicated to George Carlin” thing at the end.. Olympic Games vs Drinking Games.. and somehow, drinking games won/lost :/).

And that was about it. Again. :/ ..See ya..

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One Response to “4kids fall schedules / today”

  1. celiloquy Says:

    Wow… I’m really surprised you have that attitude about The Daily Show. Being so “political” and all.

    I say “political” because, you know. You aren’t active in politics. And most of your opinions seem to consist of “we’re all doomed so why bother lol”. But whatever.

    I’m fucking sad, though, because I know a lot of other PR fans are probably going to have this same attitude. “LOL IT WAS COOL HE MENTIONED JUNGLE FURY OH WELL ENOUGH OF THAT”. And that’s just… shitty, because it’s an absolutely amazing show. It deserves better than to be just another “OMFG PR REFERENCE” show (like Felicity).

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