dvd ads aug 17-23 pt 2 / code geass r2 us / today

[Current Music Download|Mark Snow – X-Files (Unkle Variation On A Theme Surrender Sounds Session #10) @ MediaFire]

Click on the following retailer for their ad for the week of August 17th to 23rd: Best Buy. Aaand why not re-check out the other two that I posted earlier this week: Target & Circuit City. Best Buy has the best price for Dexter: Season 2 — just $24.99. Definitely in for that.. unless I hear something special about Target’s book, but I doubt it.. Best Buy also has the best price for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1 — $22.99. Oh sure, Circuit City’s a buck cheaper.. but do they have Best Buy exclusive steelbook packaging? Didn’t think so. :p I just knew Best Buy would come through with a cool exclusive for this DVD.. On the other hand, Best Buy has the highest prices on Gossip Girl: Season 1 ($39.99 for 18 episodes? the others have exclusives and are still cheaper than this) and Camp Rock ($22.99, what the heck are they thinking? Circuit City has it for $14.99).. Best Buy also has a selection of TV DVDs on sale for just $19.99 each, including Dexter: Season 1 (highly recommended by me), Supernatural Seasons 1 & 2, Veronica Mars Seasons 1-3 and One Tree Hill Seasons 1-3..

Bandai Entertainment has announced that Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, the second season of the hit anime series, will be premiering on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim right after the first season finishes its premiere run. And the 18th episode of Code Geass R2 just aired in Japan on Sunday..

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up some things. I had accidentally left the monitor on all night, so it was acting up again. Damnit. So I left it off for most of the day. 😦 ..We had some breakfast, then watched some morning TV. Boooring. Once my dad news was over, I finally watched three more episodes of Gossip Girl: Season 1 (one disc down, one to go), followed by another episode of MST3k (seven discs down.. 28 to go.. :p).

Once that was over with, I got online to news-gather.. and we soon had some supper. I then finished up by 8PM, but stayed online most of the night (boooored) due to my dad wanting to watch the Lucas Oil Stadium special. :/ I mostly check out sites and played mp3s. Now that I have a compatible computer, I should get an ipod or something.. Like that’ll ever happen.. Then we eventually watched tonight’s new episode of Flashpoint (yay @ MMPR‘s Amy Jo Johnson in a bra and then towel.. ‘sbeen a while.. also cool that they put one of her songs near the end of the episode.. and a great episode as well 🙂 ).

I returned to my room for the night.. Enjoy the mp3 share of the new mix of the X-Files theme featured in the new movie. I really need to buy the soundtrack. I have just about every soundtrack of the series (and first movie) already.. See ya.

[ Russia Says US OK’d Georgia Attack ]
[ US Military To Control Georgian Ports, Airports ]
[ Spin – Rice ‘Told Georgia To Avoid Fight With Russia’! ]
[ Video: Georgia President Talks Of NWO On CNN ]
[ Poland And US Reach Missile Shield Deal ]
[ Cops Skate In Deaths Of Two On Katrina Bridge ]
[ North American Union – The Dream ‘Is Dead’ ]
[ McCain Advisor On Georgia Payroll ]
[ Hillary Superdelegate Dem Leader Assassinated ]
[ Tarpley – Gwatney Murder Part Of Obama Body Count? ]
[ Jupiter & Its Moons To Give US Nuclear Winter? ]
[ Scientists Stop The Aging Process ]
[ Brad Pitt In Tarantino Jewish Propaganda Flick ]
[ Whites Fading Fast As Majority In US ]
[ Free Goods At Throwplace.com Help Consumers In Need ]
[ Ocean ‘Dead Zones’ Multiplying Fast ]
[ Photo – Georgia Bigfoot? ]


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