dvd ads aug 17-23 / indy 4 dvd date / gemini division / today

Click the corresponding retailers for their ads for the week of August 17th to 23rd: Target & Circuit City. The Best Buy ad wasn’t released by Speedy because he’s gone on vacation this week. If anyone else leaks the Best Buy ad, I’ll make a new newsbyte.. Dexter: Season 2 is out this week, for $27.99 at both stores. But Target is offering some sort of book with theirs. I’m also looking forward to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1, which has its lowest price at Circuit City — just $21.99. Target will feature an exclusive 20min behind-the-scenes DVD with their copies of Camp Rock ($15.99), while their copies of Gossip Girl: Season 1 will be getting an exclusive 90min cast Q&A session bonus DVD ($37.99). Circuit City has both for a dollar cheaper, but without the exclusives.. except for a music sampler CD with Circuit City’s copies of Gossip Girl. :p Definitely in for the first two DVD releases, but I wanna see what Best Buy has to offer first..

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull has been announced for home video release a little earlier than I expected it. I had first heard November, but now the film will arrived on one-disc & two-disc DVD as well two-disc Blu-ray on October 16th. A four-movie DVD set will also be available. I’ve been holding out for a four-movie set, and luckily the two-disc version is included in it. I hope they don’t put them in those lame thin cases again. And by the $89.99 SRP for it.. it better be good.. or I’ll have to get the current single DVD releases after all. :p Check DVDActive for cover art..

The line between internet and televison are once blurred as NBC.com, SciFi.com & GeminiDivision.com premiere Gemini Division on August 18th. The 50-webisode sci-fi series stars Rosario Dawson and Justin Hartley. “Set in the not too distant future, Gemini Division follows NYPD vice cop Anna Diaz (Rosario Dawson) who, while searching for the truth behind her fiance’s murder, is drawn into a secret war between a race of artificial life forms know as SIMs and the covert agency charged with hunting them down.” Sounds cool. 🙂

I awoke in the morning.. and watched some morning TV.. and had some morning breakfast. I got online for a bit, watched Fat Guy Stuck In Internet (..the fuck?) while my dad was doing something else, then got online again while he watched his Price Is Right.. I played some mp3s, then finally went to the grocery store after awhile wasting time while waiting for my dad waiting on the mail to arrive. :/

We returned home and I watched the first three episodes of Gossip Girl: Season 1 (eh, next week’s DVD price — $37.99 — is too high for this one in my opinion — even with Target’s 90min bonus DVD — so these downloaded/burned versions will suffice until it goes below $20), followed by Saturday night’s episodes of Bleach (eh, pretty good) and Code Geass (omg awesome.. yup, downloaded these too since the DVR screwed them up).

I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper, I then finished up online by 8PM. My dad took off outside again.. or I probably would have watched another movie. Instead, I watched Wipeout (a rerun I haven’t seen, yay), Wanna Bet? (damn.. should’ve started watching this sooner) and some Medical Mysteries.. before returning to my room for the night..

Uh.. See ya..

[ Russia Repeats Right To Nuke Bush’s EU Missiles ]
[ Obama Owner Brzezinski Compares Putin To Hitler! ]
[ Georgia – Just The Facts And The Truth ]
[ Russia, France Agree On Plan To Resolve Georgia Crisis ]
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[ The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia’s Saakashvili ]
[ Georgian Defense Minister Is A Zionist Jew ]
[ Bush Drunk? – Bush ‘Feeling No Pain’ At Beijing Olympics ]
[ FBI Says Anthrax Case Closed – But It’s Not Solved ]
[ NYPD To Track Every Car Entering Manhattan ]
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[ Most Companies In US Avoid Federal Taxes ]
[ Google Street View Captures Blazing Home ]
[ Virtual Creatures, Robots To Have ‘Life Of Their Own’ ]
[ September Launch For ‘Big Bang’ Machine ]
[ Bigfoot Body In Georgia ‘Will Shock The World’ ]

“The Zionist Neocon Globalists at CNN have tried to convince American Sheeple that Russia started this. Not a chance. Russia did not start this… but they will end it.” — Georgia – Just The Facts And The Truth


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