4kids fall dates & cw rant / 24 exile dvd press / today

4Kids has finally spilled some info about the fall seasons of their kids blocks CW4Kids and 4KidsTV. A “CW4Kids Brand-Spanking-New Lineup Sneak Peek” special will air on Friday September 12th at 4:30PM ET, covering all the series to air on CW4Kids this fall, including TMNT: Back To The Sewers and Spectacular Spider-Man (reruns). Chaotic: Millennium Invasion will premiere on FOX’s 4KidsTV on September 13th at 10AM ET while the original series will air (reruns) from 11AM-12PM on CW4Kids.. so perhaps CW4Kids’ new season begins on September 13th? A 4Kids press release also reconfirms that the CW4Kids premiere of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is coming in the first quarter of 2009. Dragon Knight was at one time rumored to begin on September 13th..

I’m disappointed that both these new shows will be on CW4Kids.. only because my CW affiliate sucks big time. And I’m sure some of you have scrolled past my rants about them over the years. Some kind of audio or video defect forms and it’s present for an entire episode or more before being fixed. They also enjoy taking the primetime shows aired in widescreen and cutting them down to full screen. And not to mention that the video quality is always the lowest of all network affiliates, especially on Saturday morning. :/ Hope someone good encodes KRDK..

TVShowsOnDVD has gotten a hold of the press release for the upcoming 24: Exile DVD. The Extended “Creator’s Cut” Edition included on the disc will run for 10 more minutes than the TV version, airing a few days earlier. It will also include an audio commentary and the first 16 minutes of the Season 7 premiere which airs in January 2009. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and soon watched the last three episodes of Power Rangers Zeo on DVD: “Hawaii Zeo”, “Good As Gold” & “A Season To Remember”. 😦 @ the loose ends. Like what happened to Bulk & Skull’s Paris assignment? Would that have been explained if we ever saw that Bulk & Skull TV series’ unaired pilot episode..? Yay’s @ Zedd & Rita ultimately destroying the Machine Empire. But I wonder what happened with them between this and the second movie? You’d think they’d attack Earth again. Unless they just wanted their home back? I mean, they were only sleeping in T:APRM.. King Mondo: “You haven’t seen the last of the Machine Empire.” I guess he was sorta right, in a way. :p

I got online for quite a while (looks like MRAftershock gave up in the middle of Forever Red: Rough Cut.. and ew @ it only being on YouTube *horrible quality*).. and my dad soon returned home from dialysis. I keep telling him the most likely cause of the weak feeling once he gets home, but he only ignores me and keeps on complaining about it. We had some late breakfast, then he went to bed. I got back online for a bit, then soon watched Friday’s Swingtown (good episode) and Saturday’s Biker Mice From Mars 2k6 (hm, not bad).

After all that, it was already 5PM. I got online to news-gather, then we had some supper. I finished up online, then soon watched There Will Be Blood. My dad lost interest quickly, of course. But I managed to watch the whole 2hr 40min thing. I liked it. It was alright.. I guess. *shrugs* I mainly watched it so I could put away another movie data disc. The next one also has one long movie remaining.. My dad went to bed early, then couldn’t fall asleep. 😦

I got online for a little while, then soon returned to the living room in order to watch the new episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury — 1824: “Blue Ranger, Twin Danger”. Not as good last week, but still not all that bad. I wasn’t expecting the Spirit Rangers to not be in their suits.. but with that name, I should have. :p If they hadn’t drawn the last episode out, they could have fit this opening fight into the last episode.. because the rest of the episode after it feels like a different episode altogether. :p RJ makes a device to block the Spirit Rangers’ transmission.. and after much trouble, they finally fire it and are only able to use it once because it overheats or something.. Meanwhile, Theo’s twin brother Lou (why not Leo? haha) comes to town and a whole story happens about him. Prepare for doubles filmed from behind and blue halos when both faces are in the same shot. Heh.. It’s been a while since we’ve had a “Rangers get captured in separate objects” episode and the “twin gets captured” part was a nice twist. Somewhat looking forward to next week’s conclusion.. that I hear may not be as much of a conclusion as first thought.. and then there’s a four-week break until the final seven episodes. 😦

Well.. see ya.

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