Sunday 08.10.2008 —

I awoke in the morning.. and got online to finish up the previous LJ entry right away. Oops. And then I looked through the newspaper’s ads. The American Mall, MTV’s musical movie from executive producers of High School Musical, sure is having a quick turnaround. MTV is debuting it Monday night, then it’ll be in stores on DVD by Tuesday morning. Ha. Kmart even has an exclusive 2-disc edition with a 40min bonus disc..

I had a bad feeling about last night’s DVRings.. and I was right. Adult Swim’s schedule shifted again, possibly at the last minute.. and all I got DVRed was Shin Chan. I watched that in saddened near-silence, then watched the crappy Reality Bites Back.. and soon five more episodes of Power Rangers Zeo (wow, now I can definitely see something went down behind the scenes with David Yost.. sad 😦 *aww’s @ all the Billy clips on “Rangers of Two Worlds Part II”‘s closing credits* ..three episodes remain.. because I didn’t want to split up that 2-parter).

My dad went back to bed, quashing any hope of going anywhere this morning. I have places to go.. but I guess he woke up earlier, so it’s okay.. I watched Monday’s two episodes of Gurren Lagann (ooh, it’s growing on me.. cool). My dad awoke and we soon took off.

Since I was getting only one DVD on Tuesday and it was a current release, my dad let me go to Target early and pick it up. My Target only had two copies of Veronica Mars: Season 3, and none of the previous two seasons. So I guess an early visit was a good choice. All are on sale for $18.99 each this week.. And now the series is complete. But I don’t have enough time to watch it for a quite a while. :p We also visited a grocery store, where I found nothing I wanted.

We returned home and soon watched my next Netflix selection — Mr. Woodcock. Yeah, it was pretty funny I suppose.. Then my dad decided he wanted to see another movie.. so I watched Street Kings while my dad slept through most of it. Wow. Almost wish to buy it now. Very good movie. It’s out a week from Tuesday on DVD. Hm..

My dad awoke and we had some supper, then watched some reruns. My dad soon took off outside, and I finally got online for a bit.. I watched more reruns (‘Til Death, Simpsons, Family Guy), then began watching a move just as my dad was returning from outside — Bloodrayne II: Deliverance. My dad got interested as soon as I mentioned it took place in the old west, then stated that it was one of the weirdest movies he had ever seen. Ha. I’m surprised I’m admitting this, but.. I liked this movie just a little better than the first film. Though I still couldn’t wait for it to end..

And that was about it. Again.. See ya.

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