pr 2009 in nz / iron man dvd / today

KyL416 has found evidence that the 2009 season of Power Rangers, once titled R.P.M., will be going into production in September 2008.. once again in New Zealand, dispelling rumors of a move to Canada. I at least hope Bruce Kalish is too busy with Aaron Stone to stay on this show. I actually found all Disney seasons to suffer from various levels of suckage, quite possibly due to Disney’s own hands interfering in the production. But at least before Kalish arrived, it was more watchable. So yeah..

Paramount has issued a press release detailing the three DVD & Blu-ray releases of Iron Man on September 30th. There will be a single-disc bare-bones DVD edition, as well as two-disc Ultimate Editions on DVD & Blu-ray. They’ve even provided a full rundown of features for each release. Wow, that Blu-ray sounds really good. I wants.. but I bet the sale price will still be just above my budgetary threshold, making me get the two-disc DVD instead. 😦 Check out DVDActive for.. all front & back covers (including both the slipcover & DVD case underneath).. and even scans of the Blu-ray’s insert. Wow.

I awoke in the morning and immediately watched four more episodes of Power Rangers Zeo (ah, a resolution to the Gold Ranger saga, nice). My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some morning TV, then I got online for a bit. Once my dad went to bed for a nap, I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Zeo (yay, Rita & Zedd are back), followed by another MST3k (lol.. but I’m really wanting to skip to my favorite episodes.. but there’s some I’ve never seen before, ever.. and I enjoy the very tiny bits of continuity here and there :p) and Lewis Black’s Root Of All Evil (yuck.. close to dropping this).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. Then I finished up online by 8PM. Once my dad woke up.. and woke up, we eventually watched the one-hour season finale of Bill Engvall Show (lol), Factory (hm, that was a little better than expected.. but just a little) and The Soup (lol). Then we both returned to our rooms for the night.

See ya.

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