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Click the corresponding retailer for the week of August 10th to 16th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Seems like nothing for me this week. No, really. Nothing.. Okay, Prison Break: Season 3 is only new release I’m considering. But I’m doubting I’ll get it. This season wasn’t all that great, plus it only lasted twelve episodes due to the writers’ strike. Yet they still expect people to pay Best Buy’s & Target’s “sale” price of $37.99 for it (plus Target is offering a $5 gift card)? Screw that. At least Circuit City has it for $26.99, but I’m thinking I’ll wait until the sale price drops down to $20 or under this time around.. I can finally complete my Veronica Mars collection next week — all three seasons will be only $18.99 each at Target. I already have Seasons 1 & 2, which I noticed were on sale for $19.99 each at Best Buy this week (today).. but not the Season 3 that I need. 😦

Lionsgate has made a home entertainment distribution deal with Disney-ABC Domestic Television to release a number of their TV series onto DVD. The first titles to come from this deal will be According To Jim: Season One on October 21st and Reaper: Season One on November 4th. Other series to come include 8 Simple Rules, Boy Meets World and Six Degrees..

AMC sure seems to be creating some rather risky projects lately. Remember when I mentioned their US updated version of the 1960s series The Prisoner? Coming up next is a new political thriller from Jason Horwitch which is “about a secret society who is using the political system as its own puppets, and a think tank analyst who realizes his employers are not what he thought they were.” Wow. Sound familiar? πŸ˜‰ Production is set to begin in October…

I awoke at 10AM, just after my dad woke up. We then got ready and headed out to media buy..

First, I headed to Best Buy and picked up Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion – Season 1 Part 1 and Get Smart: Season 1. If I hadn’t just picked up Get Smart and price-matched Target’s $16.99, I’d probably still be there right now. I was on the fence about it all week.. and I still am. I just can’t make decisions. It’s so hard. So Get Smart seems packaged like the recent Birds of Prey DVD: four discs in a regular-sized case, only this time it’s white instead of clear. 30 episodes for $16.99. But I haven’t opened it yet..

I also picked up Code Geass. RightStuf.com made me believe this version would include four booklets.. but there are none. This got me pissed off. I knew all those copies were too light in the store, but I didn’t think about the booklets until I was already opening it. Damnit. If Bandai included the booklets with the more-expensive Limited Edition or the separate $20 volumes but not this $25 set, I may just go ahead and download the rest of this series instead. I’m so sick and tired of getting screwed over like this. Just like as I was walking out, I noticed the exclusive two-disc Get Smart’s Bruce And Lloyd DVD marked down from the $22.99 I paid to only $14.99. Grrrrrrr. 😑

I headed over to get an icee, hoping it would somewhat extinguish my anger.. and the machine was shut off. I filled a cup a little with foamy liquid, then just left it there and walked out. I went to another location and their machine was shut off too, claiming it was out of order. I returned home icee-less.. and more pissed off than I was before.. I soon got online to inventory the new discs, then found nowhere to inquire about the missing booklets / vent my anger.

I tried to just ignore it as I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Zeo.. but it stayed in the back of my mind the whole time. Great episodes though. I didn’t feel like splitting up “There’s No Business Like Snow Business”, so I just watched all three. And now I’m considering watching five at a time instead of four. :p And either the DVD player’s tiny sound breaks are causing the audio & video to desync.. or I’m seeing things.. After them, I also watched last night’s The Middleman (very good episode) and Sunday’s Fat Guy Stuck In Internet (I admit it.. I laughed.. once).

I got online to news-gather, then soon had some supper. I finished up online by 8PM.. We then watched Wipeout (oh, a ‘best of’ already? 😦 ) and America’s Got Talent (..what a way to waste a night.. for the most part). And that was about it.. Oh, wait..

Sure, some may think I’m making too big a deal out of DVD booklets. But this wouldn’t be the first time. I made sure every single volume of Fullmetal Alchemist I purchased included its booklet. I even accidentally bought one without a booklet and replaced it just to get it correct. But now it seems confirmed that Code Geass‘s four booklets were made exclusive to the way-too-expensive Limited Edition. Lately, they have been releasing these Limited Editions with a bunch of useless crap in them. To me, anyway. If it were simply an artbox and the two volumes, I would’ve gotten it.. because it would’ve been less expensive and without crap I don’t want or need. This is why I have quite a few loose volumes of complete series. When I purchased Robotech Remastered, each came with a little toy that I had no use for. I’ve since sold the series off to FYE.. but still have the useless crap collecting dust where they’ve been sitting since first acquired. The Death Note LE figures would have met a similar fate if I were stupid enough to purchase them. I hear anime’s DVD sales are dropping, so they do this: something that’s sure to make them drop even further? I support this industry by buying the more expensive stand-alone volumes instead of waiting for the cheaper complete boxed set and this is how I’m repaid? ..I would probably return Code Geass if I hadn’t foolishly opened it already. 😑

There. Maybe now I can finally get some sleep.. See ya.

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2 Responses to “dvd ads aug 10-16 / lionsgate disney deal / truth in tv / media / today”

  1. anonymous Says:

    You bought the cheaper set instead of the individuals. It didn’t mention the booklets or other bonuses from the single releases. It’s like not getting limited edition lenticular covers when you buy the cheaper full season set, or something like that. If it was worth the money to you, you should have bought the individual releases (worth $40 total) instead of the cheaper $25 set.

    Oh, and you bought a DVD release week for much less than it’s retail price, yet then complain when (having sold less than expected) they bump them to clearence. You thrive when other titles go on sale. This is the other end of the spoon. Suck it up dude, it’s capitalism. I can really see you doing better in a society that is _less_ materialistic than the one you live in. /sarcasm

    BTW: season 1 of Get Smart for $16.99 is a bargain. Enjoy it! It’s $40 (AU$) where I am. Can’t justify it, but if it was $30AU I’d be on it like a motherfucker.

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    Get Smart Season 1’s regular Best Buy price is $22.99, and all the special features on the Time Life version are not included. 😦 But yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m keeping it. It was more a budgetary decision. Only have so much for the rest of the month already.

    I may still consider getting the Code Geass individuals eventually, then selling them off. But that’s only if the booklets are included.

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