Sunday 08.03.2008 — five days till the end

I awoke to the alarm.. and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. I’m still on the fence about Get Smart: Season 1. And Target’s $16.99 price (for 30 episodes) is so hard to resist.. We had some breakfast and watched some MadTV reruns. Blah. I got online for a bit, then soon headed to Target. I bought the DVD player (which just happened to be in today’s new ad.. for $5 cheaper than yesterday: the Philips DVP1013 for $29.99), then returned home and immediately watched the first four episodes of Power Rangers Zeo. Awesome. I tried to ignore it as hard I could, but the audio kept breaking throughout and started to bug me. It happened maybe four or five times per episode and only for like a millisecond, but it still annoyed me. I should be glad I’m now getting to watch them on the TV at all damnit..

I also noticed how the setup menus of both this Philips and the previous TruTech DVD players look pretty similar. Both are also based in Marietta, Georgia.. and the multi-region hack code numbers were rather similar too (yesterday’s player only showed an unalterable menu with the region upon entry). Anyway.. once those episodes ended, I also watched Friday’s Swingtown (haha, very good episode due to getting the younger characters involved.. yeah, they’re my favorite part of the show, yet their appearances are usually so brief.. maybe I should watch That 70s Show all over again instead or something :p). After that, I woke my dad to watch his upcoming NASCAR while I got online for a while.

Something sorta creepy happened the other day. I’ve been using a bookmark directing to an anime DVD on Amazon lately in order to access the site.. and then I get an e-mail from Amazon about said DVD and others in their anime section. “Are you looking for something in our Anime DVD category? If so, you might be interested in these selections.” Ack. :p ..I went to my bedroom TV and played GTA Vice City Stories on my PS2 for the first time in a while. Games look really bad on my bedroom TV. Maybe I should remove the AV adapter, since I never really use the bedroom DVD player anymore. It was my first player too. GE. No region hack. I still remember us watching a movie in my room, then my dad buying a player for the living room soon after. :p

I got back online at about 5PM, then had some supper and watched some Funniest Videos. But then came time for the first Colts football game of the season. Hooray. While my dad watched it, I stayed in my room online. All night. Bored out of my frickin’ mind. -_-

Oh, here’s another comic: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Issue 3. Or check out all my MediaFire files.. See ya.

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[ Scientists Stunned – Last Ice Age Began In Less Than A Year ]
[ Bush Secretly Briefed By NASA About Life On Mars ]
[ Video: UFO Crashes Near Vegas – Military Grabs It Fast ]
[ Video: The REAL Stan Romanek Alien Video ]


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