Saturday 08.03.2008 —

I awoke to the alarm at 8AM and got online for a bit. Then we had some breakfast, and I eventually took over the TV and watched Gong Show (ugh, worst one usually wins) and first two episodes of Gurren Lagann (finally right? it debuted Monday.. a definite mix of FLCL and Evangelion.. I didn’t like FLCL, so I’m already having a hard time enjoying this). While looking for a new TMNT Back To The Sewers promo on 4KidsTV (since its about a month away already), I noticed that Biker Mice From Mars (the 2006 series) is making its premiere next week. Cool.

Eventually, we made it to Target. I bought a DVD player that looked rather similar and was the same brand as the one that crapped out on me, as well as some more soda. We returned home and I got the DVD player hooked up right away.. only to find there was no region hack for it. Yay.. Once my dad fell asleep, I watched another MST3k (lol.. but I fell asleep too) while downloading OPM’s free download of Qore. And once I awoke, I installed it. Lame. People pay for this? A video magazine with advertisement roadblocks inbetween screens? And I don’t care for games like SOCOM, but I’ll probably get the beta anyway once available..

I read the start of “James Patterson”‘s The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.. and couldn’t get all that interested.. just like that Maximum Ride novel I briefly had.. I woke my dad and we headed back to Target to return the DVD player. I also wrote down some model numbers to look up online. I returned home and got online to look them up. Looks like I’ll have to head back to Target again tomorrow.. and hope the price doesn’t change due to there being a new ad tomorrow morning..

I got online for a while again, then eventually went to the bedroom DVR to watch the night’s new episodes of Naruto (aw @ Naruto and his Pokemon.. so cute :p). After some more time online, I returned to the bedroom DVR once again and watched Shin Chan (lol). My dad went to bed, so I moved in to the living room in order to watch Bleach (pretty good episode) & Code Geass (awesome episode.. haha @ pixely boobies). And after all that, I returned to my room.

I really hope that DVD player works out tomorrow. I’ve been getting excited about starting Zeo tomorrow, hence why I got the Adult Swim episodes out of the way early this week. But it certainly wouldn’t be the first time.. if my hopes were stomped on and obliterated once again tomorrow. Certainly not. How do you think I’ve become so damn grouchy? *sigh* See ya.

[ Shadowplay – 9/11 Puppet Masters ]
[ Hey, Pelosi – Here Is A Law Bush Has Broken ]
[ I Think I Know Your Answer, Mr. President… ]
[ Schwarz – Phew! Bush Dirty Diapers! ]
[ Paulson Has Lost Control Of US Finance, Economy ]
[ Big Oil’s Biggest PROFIT Quarter EVER – $51.5 Billion ]
[ Video: The Growing Trend Of Weather Manipulation ]
[ Video: Larry King – Cell Phones And Cancer ]
[ ‘NYT Changes Anthrax Story As I Was Reading It!’ ]
[ The Feminist War Against Boys – Parts 1 & 2 ]
[ British UFO Hacker Threatened With Rape By US ]
[ Montauk Monster Mystery Continues ]
[ Lake Creature With Legs Stumps Floridians ]


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