spec spidey dvd update / scrubs s7 dvd / family guy / media 2 / today

Marvel Animation Age provides a high-resolution version of the Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 poster image. Coooool. They also have new information on the upcoming DVD releases. After September 9th’s Attack Of The Lizard DVD, expect two more three-episode titles in March 2009, just in time for the Season 2 premiere. A fourth DVD release will include the last four episodes of Season 1. And a Season 1 “box set collection” is also expected during the first half of 2009..

On November 11th, Walt Disney will release Scrubs: The Complete Seventh Season onto DVD. This Writer’s Strike-shortened season of just eleven episodes, and the final season on NBC, luckily has a reasonable SRP of $29.99. The cover art is nothing to write home about, but when has it ever been? :p Special features on this two-disc set include a couple featurettes, audio commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers, and an easter egg. 🙂 *please don’t overlap the two discs.. though they probably will* See ya next season on ABC, the series’ last. Or maybe not, due to the odd announcement that series star Zac Braff will be leaving the series after Season 8. O_o

TVShowsOnDVD also has the press release for the October 21st DVD release of Family Guy: Volume Six. Looking forward to this one as well.. 🙂

I had a horrible night. First, I lost all this data I had in a file. Then I lost all these tabs that I had open in Firefox. Ugh. Then I fell asleep in front of the computer for a couple hours or so. Then I really went to sleep.. I awoke the next morning and got online for a bit, then got ready and soon headed out to media buy.. again..

First, I headed to the bank and withdrew the whole amount of the cable bill once again.. Then I headed to Best Buy and picked up Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay 2-disc (boo @ the bare-bones 1-disc getting theatrical & unrated versions while the 2-disc only has unrated.. but haha @ the difference between the clothed slipcover and inner cover, shown above.. their reactionary faces change too :p) and Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 3: Fire, Volume 4. I would have gotten Dark City: Director’s Cut on Blu-ray if it had been in stock. But no, Best Buy had to underestimate its sales. Bastards. There was a single copy of the DVD there, but I’d rather have the Blu-ray with both theatrical & director’s cuts. And the Blu-ray was only $18.99 too. Damnit. I did get a couple more free X-Files tickets though. Score. Just say it’s for the film, then slip into another movie.. since I have five of them now, so I’ll see the X-Files movie the first time.

I got an icee.. and noticed a second Speedway location with the $20 PlayStation Network card, then went to a couple Walgreens looking for their $9.99 disc case. Neither of them had it. Damnit. But both surely did have they all-region DVD player (Coby DVD-224). It had great reviews on Amazon, but the one I bought and returned was all screwed up. Then I saw another one double taped on top. I found one that wasn’t.. but passed on it in the end. Now I must wait even longer to view the Power Rangers Zeo DVDs. 😦 We got some groceries, and I got the new PlayStation magazine. This Sept issue includes a code to download Qore episode 1 on PSN for free. Cooool.

We returned home, I did the usual paperwork, then watched Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil (Ultimate Fighting vs Bloggers.. and we lost.. Ultimate Fighting’s so gay) and Bill Engvall Show (lol). Next, I got online to inventory the new discs and to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM.

Even though I told him I wanted to watch a movie tonight, he took off outside. I waited nearly a half-hour before he came in, then we watched my next Netflix selection — Man of the House. Definitely flawed.. but.. not bad.. I guess. It was funny, but the laughs came so few and far between. And near the end, my dad wanted to screw with the air conditioner instead. It stopped working correctly or something. So due to all the pauses for various reasons, I only had enough time to watch The Soup afterward (haha), then I returned to my room.

Anyone know where I can get a cheap region-free DVD player? ..See ya..

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[ New Montauk Monster Photograph ]


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