Sunday 07.20.2008 — iHeadache

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday, then had some breakfast. I then took over the TV and watched Shin Chan (lol), Bleach (not bad..), Code Geass (pretty good), another X-Men (cool.. still considering a move to the DVDs) and the two-hour series finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender (O. M. F. G. Awesome is too restrictive a word for it, so.. wow..? Loved the finale.. lol @ the birthday part.. yeah, some of the humor isn’t annoying to me.. I’ll watch the Book 3 volumes altogether, then wait until the season sets go on sale before seeing the whole thing yet again).

After such a great ending.. to my Sunday morning viewings, I didn’t feel like watching anything else. So I got back online and (carefully) burned some more DVDs.. I then spent (wasted?) most of the afternoon reading this article, which is also the top link below. The timeline of events concerning the orchestrated destruction of the US economy was rather interesting, especially the part about Bush nearly resigning the presidency in February 2008 and being arrested. But then they had to pull in some spiritual ET messages (the purple text). I just don’t believe in that stuff. I take a more scientific route about ETs. Plus there’s like 20 messages quoted and all the ones I read pretty much said the same exact thing. 😦 The new details about the March 13th meeting mentioned yesterday are interesting, but with the former ET stuff I’m not so sure what other parts to believe (such as the stuff about clones and doubles).. :/

After reading so much, I got a headache. Ow.. Then I got bored for a while. I was hungry and had nothing at all to do. But fortunately, we eventually had some supper. Then we watched some Funniest Videos.. followed by Black Hawk Down on Blu-ray. I’ve never seen this film until now.. and I really liked it, though I probably wouldn’t buy it.. My dad kept falling asleep. He can’t get interested in a movie that runs over 2 hours anymore. :/

Once that ended.. that was about it for the night.. See ya.

[ Timeline – The American-led Worldwide Banking Crisis Of 2007-2008 ]
[ Global Financial Crisis Worst Since Great Depression ]
[ Recession Next Year – Things Will Only Get Worse ]
[ At Freddie Failure Pays Big – $20M To CEO ]
[ Fulford – Letter Of Apology To David Rockefeller ]
[ US Gives Iran ‘Two Weeks’ ]
[ Larry Silverstein – 911’s Inside Man! ]
[ Maryland Anti-War Activists Put On Terrorist List ]
[ Top 25 Things Vanishing From America ]
[ Schwarzenegger’s Office Asks To Discuss ‘Jet Trails’ ]
[ Mystery – 400 Dead Penguins Wash Up In Brazil ]


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