pr turbo dvd art / himym s3 dvd press / greek s2 date / today

MarioRanger has revealed DVD cover art to RangerBoard for the upcoming German release of Power Rangers Turbo: The Complete Season. Looks real nice. The boxed set is currently set for release on August 25th. 🙂

Oh. The DVD release of How I Met Your Mother: Season Three has been moved up a week to October 7th. Check out this press release. So can’t wait for this one. 🙂

ABC Family’s hit series Greek is returning a bit earlier than I expected. Season 2 will premiere on Tuesday August 26th at 9PM ET.

I was preparing to finally sleep.. when the cable went out again. Awesome. I have a feeling these late-night outages have to do with their upcoming upgrades. They’re happening at about the same time as when they used to update the DVR software and reboot them. But I still think they’re doing it a bit too early. They assume no one is still awake by 1:30AM? Ha, yeah right. They should try an hour or two later. :/ ..Once it returned, I slept.

I awoke the next morning and got online for a bit, then watched some morning TV and had some breakfast.. then got online again. We soon took off to the grocery store. I only got a couple things, then returned home. I watched another X-Men (..owe,, they skipped two episodes — 111 & 112 — because Disney are full of pussies who don’t want to air episodes that seem to be about political assassination.. think I’ll watch my downloaded versions of those episodes before I continue into Season 2), then two more episodes of Birds of Prey (and Gotham Girls Season 2.. still improving, yay.. five episodes left 😦 ).

Once those were done, I passed on a third Birds of Prey so I’d have two on Saturday instead of just one.. and so I could play GTA IV again. I beat another mission (wahoo) and was about ready to rampages when I got a call from Dell. They were on the cell phone, wasting 22 of my minutes just to find out what I already know: the DVD drive is gone. They then gave me a couple options and I lied just to get the call over with. I returned to the game.. and discovered I was out of time. Great.

I returned to my room and did one of their suggestions. I opened the computer and unplugged / replugged the drive (after shutting down, of course).. and it worked. The DVD drive is working again. I burned a new DVD, had some supper, and got online to news-gather. I finished up online, but my dad didn’t want to watch a movie. Damn. So when he took off outside, I just played some more GTA IV (just a date or two.. and rampaging).

I shut it off at 9:30 and we watched The Bill Engvall Show (haha.. and the new character is making the series a bit more interesting), Swingtown (because I though my dad would want to see it.. since he liked it last week.. but he watched 20mins and went to bed, grr.. back to Fear Itself live next week) and tonight’s Avatar: The Last Airbender (another great episode.. tomorrow looks to be a lighter episode though). I got online and eventually watched those two skipped episodes of X-Men (..what was wrong with those? gawd, Disney blows), then watched a newly-burned music DVDs (loove music videos on DVD.. so sad there isn’t more of them.. this one has 35 and I actually like about half of them :)).

Well.. see ya.

[ America – Death By Terminal Madness & Stupidity ]
[ Bank Failure – A Complete Systemic Breakdown ]
[ Cramer – Stocks Are Doomed, Sell Now ]
[ Gutsy Canadian Rejects False Flag In Advance ]
[ Americans Are Being Forced To Learn Spanish ]
[ Zionism – A Conspiracy Against Jews ]
[ WWII Nazi-Zionist Collaboration ]
[ Victory For Former Area 51 Workers ]


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  1. celiloquy Says:

    Awwww, the Blue Senturion is there, tooooo!

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