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[Current Music Download|Aimee Allen – Revolution (Birds of Prey theme) @ MediaFire]

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of July 20th to 26th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Not many new releases coming out at all this week. It looks like the only release I’m getting is Robot Chicken: Star Wars, which is $8.99 at Target & Circuit City and $9.99 at Best Buy.. with no exclusives. 😦 This 23min special (as well as about an hour of special features) will not be on the Robot Chicken: Season 3 DVD on October 6th, so I’d pick it up now.. 21‘s 2-disc edition will be the usual $22.99 everywhere. Best Buy will have a deck of playing cards, Target a book and Circuit City.. some eMusic downloads. :/ Also, both of the recent Mummy 2-disc editions are going on sale for $9.99 each and both includes free tickets to the new Mummy film…

Warner has announced the Wachowski Bros’ Speed Racer for DVD & Blu-ray release on September 16th.. almost completely devoid of special features. The single-disc DVD (in separate widescreen & full screen editions) currently only has a couple features, while the three-disc Blu-ray release will waste two separate discs just for a DVD set-top game & a digital copy. What the heck? Where’s the 2-disc DVD? :/ Check out DVDActive for cover art. Sure glad I got that Target exclusive special feature disc now..

Not to be outdone by XBOX’s rentals-on-demand deal with Netflix, PlayStation 3 is also preparing to offer movies & TV shows, as both paid downloads and streaming rentals. At startup, their video delivery service will offer nearly 300 movies and more than 1,200 TV episodes. Once you rent a movie, you have 14 days to watch it. And downloads will be transferable to a PSP. Movie rentals will go for $2.99 to $5.99, while movie downloads will be set at $9.99 to $14.99. I probably wouldn’t use this though, but probably would have if Netflix made a deal with PS3.. only because I already have a Netflix account.. And look, an 80GB PS3 is coming.. with the $55 DualShock3 I’ve been wanting.. for the same price that I bought my nearly-full 40GB version for just a few months ago.. Awesome.. Sony also unveiled their slate of upcoming games, including Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty exclusively for PS3’s PlayStation Network. Cool. But I still gotta get the first game first. :p

The BET Network has joined forces with Marvel Animation to produce a new animated series The Black Panther, based on the comic book series. Heh. Cool. 🙂 Catch a sneak preview at San Diego Comic-Con on July 26th. Then the series is expected to premiere on the network in early 2009..

I awoke in the morning and we had some breakfast, then watched some of the usual morning TV. Then I got ready and we headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to Best Buy and picked up Birds of Prey, Reno 911!: Season 5 and a couple free tickets to The X-Files: I Want To Believe. What’s odd was that most of the stickers mentioning the exclusive comic book in Birds of Prey were torn off. I only saw about five copies that still had the sticker on and got one of them. That had me thinking there wouldn’t be a comic inside, but there is one.. in my copy anyway. It’s Birds of Prey #68 and fits perfectly inside the case. Don’t know why they removed the stickers then. The packaging is very condensed. It’s as thick as a regular clear DVD case, but holds four discs all on center flaps. And the back cover states that some music had to be replaced. 😦

I also got two free tickets to the X-Files movie.. even though you were supposed to buy one of the DVDs listed on the back to get it free. Heehee. Hope there’s still some there next week.. I picked up my usual icee and returned home. Once Bush got off the damn TV and Price Is Right returned, I got online to inventory the new discs.

Then once my dad’s news was over, I watched X-Men (pretty good episode), the first three installments of Birds of Prey (hm, a bit more cheaper-looking than I remember it.. still pretty good though.. and I’ve wanted it on DVD since watching the big finale back in 2003.. but sad to see the original opening theme song go; Aimee Allen – Revolution has been replaced by a slower song.. it’s a shame because that song became like the show’s signature to me 😦 ), and another X-Men (“Slave Island” ..wow, great episode.. and that ending, wtf O_o).

After all that, I only got about 30 minutes of GTA IV in before supper. And I only failed a mission three times, then rampaged a little out of anger. I liked how Niko comments after failing a mission multiple times though. Haha.. We had supper and I got online to news-gather. I finished up online by 7PM.. then got back online until 8PM..

My dad took off outside again, ruining any chance of watching a movie. So I just watched some of the E3 coverage on G4 instead. Then at 9PM, we watched America’s Got Talent and Bill Engvall Show (forgot to DVR it last week :/). Then I watched today’s new episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender (another awesome episode) before returned to my room for the night.

See ya.


2 Responses to “dvd ads jul 20-26 / speed racer dvd / ps3 video delivery etc / black panther ani / media / today”

  1. anonymous Says:

    This is probably a spoiler, but they replaced the music for the big fight during the big finale. There is another song instead of the song “All The Things She Said” by t.A.T.u. 😦

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    😦 Sucks. And I already watched all the episodes when they first aired, so no problem..

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