Saturday 07.12.2008 — Get Smart: thumbs up, Hancock.. not so much

I awoke slightly before 6AM, then went to my room and pretty much wrote yesterday’s entire entry and posted it. Whoops. Writing them seems like a chore anymore, so all I had was a list of events to.. lengthen.. Once it was taken care of, we had some breakfast. Then we both eventually nodded back off to sleep.. I had dream– er, nightmare — where the TV had been switched with a tiny one and there was a new DVR. It was huge and the hours on the clock kept changing. My dad acted as if nothing was different, trying to screw with me. I looked back again and saw the TV was now bigger, but still different. I joked that due to the TV’s direction I would have to sit on his lap to watch.. then I awoke.

Then I woke my dad. It was 9AM and he was wanting to do an errand at that time. So he took off and I waited for his return.. because I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to watch right now.. My dad eventually returned, then we soon took off again. This time, we went to see Get Smart with my free ticket. Awesome movie. Very funny, yet also very action-packed. I already can’t wait to own the DVD. :p

After it ended, we.. snuck into Hancock just before it started. Maybe it was due to the superior film watched before it, or with the promotion my hopes were too high.. But I came out not really liking it all that much. Though it began going downhill for me once his origin story was revealed. It was original.. but I guess it just wasn’t pulled off or explained well..? This may have just saved me some DVD money.. I’m curious if this is the “superheroes in prison” plot that I heard about online a while back, only now thankfully disconnected from the DC universe. Hmm..

I saw some great trailers (including Dark Knight twice), but the worst had to be the upcoming Disaster Movie, from the crew behind Date Movie, Epic Movie & Meet The Spartans.. and it looks as horrible as those. Who keeps giving these idiots money to churn out these bowel movements? Ugh.. And by the trailer, it looked more like Superhero Movie, but that title had already been taken by a somewhat superior film. Haha.. Also, the new remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still looked less than I hoped it to be. 😦

We returned home and soon watched Get Smart’s Bruce & Lloyd: Out Of Control. I thought I’d get this out of the way only after seeing the main film it’s spun off from. This film occurs at the same time as the feature, but its budget definitely seems smaller. Besides the title characters, a few other characters from the film appear in this, including a cameo by Anne Hathaway making a reference to a running gag in the feature. Heh. Neat. Though a rather major event from the feature is somewhat shown here, but is shrugged off and not explained. So it is better to see the (superior) feature film first. I hope in the future that these direct-to-video feature film companions feel more connected to the main film, like it’s more a part of its universe..

I also watched the first two episodes of the original Get Smart from the Best Buy bonus disc (hmm, the possibility of me buying the cheap Season 1 has just been turned back up a bit.. it’s been so long since I’ve seen these), as well as last night’s Flashpoint (wow, better than expected 🙂 ) and this morning’s Ben 10: Alien Force (also pretty good). We had supper somewhere in there, then I got online for a bit. Like pretty much all night.. a bit. Except when I watched two more episodes of Naruto (from 6/28.. yay, catching up.. most likely due to there being no new eps this week.. “where is everybody?” “don’t worry. he only put them to sleep” ..what kind of reply is that? Was that how the lines went in the original Japanese? O_o).

Wow. Tomorrow definitely won’t be as fun as today was. Or the next day. Or the next. Or the.. Er, see ya.

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One Response to “Saturday 07.12.2008 — Get Smart: thumbs up, Hancock.. not so much”

  1. anonymous Says:

    I work in a cinema, and there is nothing worse than a screen-sneaking thief.

    You disgust me sometimes.

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