early disc dates / hsm3 trailer / today

The Digital Bits’ Rumor Mill reports a few early DVD release dates. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull seems to have a DVD release date of October 16th, and Blu-ray will possibly arrive the same day. I’m hoping for a four-pack myself.. Iron Man is currently set for a September 30th DVD & Blu-ray release, as is Fox’s Daredevil: Director’s Cut Blu-ray. Fox has also scheduled a The X-Files: Fight The Future Blu-ray release to coincide with the DVD & Blu-ray release of The X-Files: I Want To Believe in December. 🙂 Also from Fox, expect Firefly: The Complete Series & The X-Men Trilogy on Blu-ray in 2009..

Disney Channel will debut the trailer for High School Musical 3: Senior Year this coming Sunday night, July 13th at 7:55PM ET. That’s just before their 28578023745th encore presentation of Camp Rock. It will then show up on Disney.com by Midnight.. I’m surprised its not also debuting on ABC Family, which is premiering a new Ashley Tisdale movie Picture This! Sunday night at 8PM ET.. The first single from HSM3, “Now Or Never”, will debut on Radio Disney on Friday July 11th at 7:15PM..

I awoke in the morning and started burning a few DVDs. But I guess I burned one too many.. It’s gone. My DVD drive is gone. It screwed up on a disc, then only showed up as “CD drive” on my computer. So I rebooted and now it’s gone completely.. Gawdamnit to hell. Something always ends up fucking up in my life. I can never enjoy anything for long before it’s ripped from me. And just like when the CD burner went out, I had just bought some new discs.. which will now no doubt be of no use to me.. And so here I am again, wishing for death.. just as my dad did a few times yesterday. It always comes back to this in the end. Begging for an end to our torture.. that never comes..

I tried to ignore what had just happened, but I just couldn’t. And then my dad woke up and was still being plagued by his shakes. *sigh* 😦 We watched the usual morning crap TV. But I also finished up another volume of Death Note.. and played my Lights Out games for the first time in years. My dad fell asleep.. and then so did I..

A few hours later, I awoke and watched this week’s first new episode of H2O (2nd season premiere already.. wow, great episode) and last night’s The Secret Life Of The American Teenager (wow, a lot less interesting than the first episode.. which wasn’t all that interesting in the first place.. I’ve only ever seen like 2-3 episodes of that 7th Heaven garbage). Not long after I finished that, I got online and chose to contact Dell. Maybe since I got it just a few months ago and there’s a warranty, they can help with my DVD burner problem. I got on their customer service chat, explained my problem.. it got all quiet.. then the chat session ended. Wow. Just wow.

My dad awoke and felt a lot better. The shakes had stopped. He headed off to the grocery store, something he thought he couldn’t d o with the shakes.. I got online to news-gather, trying to keep my mind off the DVD burner.. while downloading crap that I can now only watch on my PS3 via a USB drive. *sigh* ..I finished up by 7PM, then got bored. So my dad and I watched a couple more pilot episodes.. via the USB — Do Not Disturb (haha, not bad) and East Bound And Down (rofl.. this’ll be something).

I wanted to watch a movie next, but my dad took off outside. So I watched the first two subbed episodes of Gransazer instead.. also via USB. I rarely watch subs due to missing all the action while reading all the lines below, but I watched this anyway. Not bad. I liked it. *keeps downloading* ..My dad returned from outside. And upon realizing it was too late for a movie, we watched another pilot — The Mentalist (I have a feeling this is going to be a hit for CBS.. liked this first episode anyway). Then soon watched Mind of Mencia (lol.. but I’ve been meaning to say this for weeks: what’s up with those tentacles? they make no sense at all).

I returned to my room for the night.. to my virtual prison.. with a peep hole.. See ya.

[ Iran Threatens To Set Israel Ablaze If Attacked ]
[ Iran Test Fires Long Range Missile ]
[ US, Czech Republic Sign Missile Shield Deal ]
[ Russia Warns ‘Military’ Reply To US-Czech Missile Shield ]
[ Russia Will Retaliate Over US-Czech Missiles ]
[ Panel Wants Bush To Get War Power From Congress ]
[ Kucinich To Bring One Article Of Impeachment Against Bush ]
[ Video: Bush Tries To Pardon Himself In Advance ]
[ Pentagon Tries To Shape Hollywood’s War Stance ]
[ BioWeapons Facts The Feds, Media Will Never Talk About ]
[ Limbaugh Says Hillary Will Get Democratic Nomination ]
[ Video: Obama – ‘Make Sure Your Child Can Speak Spanish’ (!) ]
[ Flaw Could Let Hackers Take Control Of Internet ]
[ Biggest Security Update In Internet History ]
[ The Poisoning Of America’s Water ]
[ Shrinks Name ‘Climate Change Delusion’ Disorder ]
[ Die-Off Of Bats Still Mystifies Experts ]
[ Crystal Skulls In British, US Museums Are Fakes ]


3 Responses to “early disc dates / hsm3 trailer / today”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Man, you know, I know this is OUT THERE but I would think you’d be more concerned about your father’s serious health issues than your fucking DVD drive.

    It’s a DVD drive. Use your gubment check to buy a fucking new one and shut the fuck up. Who does laundry in your house? Please don’t tell me you make your poor old father do it because of your “shyness”. Man, your dad really deserves better. I feel sorry for him, I wish I could rescue him.

  2. celiloquy Says:


    I’ve read your LJ for YEARS now, and I mean… this is just another “crisis” like all the rest. Electronic stuff breaks. Computers act like bitches and you can’t do shit about it but either fix it or buy a new one. It’s not the end of the world.

    But your dad, um… JESUS.

    You know, I live kind of like you. I’m online too much, I dropped out of high school, I live with my parents, who are in relatively poor health (but I actually help take care of them and pay the bills and clean the house).

    I get a check every month (not from the government; I don’t know HOW you managed that, but I’d like to know because I can’t figure out how a young guy like you got on welfare) and I’m frustrated as fuck. I think about suicide sometimes, but I’m TRYING damn hard to improve my life because, honestly? Sitting around and whining is okay for awhile, but eventually you have to stop whining and get up and DO something.

    You only get one life, and if you’ve decided to throw it out, fine. But YOU made the choice. It’s not your DVD drive or your dad’s fault or ANYTHING like that.

  3. prometheusufo Says:

    His shaking comes and goes about once every month or so. He seems to think its due to stress. When he told me about it yesterday, I just wanted to get up and hug him. But due to the way my life has become, I haven’t shown any emotion toward him in years. We feel more like roommates anymore. I probably have pulled away so I couldn’t be hurt again by yet another death in the family.. as if that’ll help or something.. *sigh* 😦

    Like my previous comment said: “shyness”. I find it so hard to talk to anybody but my dad. My dad made a meeting for me with a psychiatrist or something. He asked me about my life, but I barely told him anything due to my shyness. Then I refused to go back. The SSI checks began soon after that. :/

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