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Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of July 13th to 19th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Not all that many new releases this week. Reno 911!: Season 5 will sell for $27.99 at all three stores, but Best Buy is the only store advertising Birds of Prey: The Complete Series. And they’ll have it for $29.99. Best Buy will also have a pretty big sale on the Batman-related animated series. The Batman Seasons 1-4 will go on sale for $9.99 each, Batman Beyond Seasons 1-3 will be $12.99 each, Batman: The Animated Series Volume 1-4 will be $17.99 each, and Justice League Seasons 1-2 will be $19.99 each. I’d like to own Batman Beyond.. but I’m afraid I already can’t afford it in addition to all the DVDs to come later this month. 😦

A new official Kamen Rider Dragon Knight website has appeared. KamenRiderProductions.com currently only features the trailer. Still no word on a premiere date though..

I awoke in the morning.. then soon got ready and headed out to media buy..

Huge week this week. First, I went to Target to check out their exclusive on Batman: Gotham Knight. The bonus disc containing Batman Beyond: The Movie was only packaged with the 1-disc DVD version. Ah well. I did get Teen Titans: Season 5 and X-Files: Revelations though.. I moved on to Best Buy and picked up Batman: Gotham Knight (I chose the basic 2-disc over the exclusive steelbook after much thought.. I have far fewer foil/lenticular packaging DVDs than steelbooks.. the yawnworthy cover art only helped me decide.. and that guide book looks impossible to fit in that steelbook as well :p ..and the concession cash is only with the 1-disc and steelbook editions), Superhero Movie: Extended Edition, Veronica Mars: Season 2 (I was going to get Season 3 too.. but I need to save money somewhere).. and some DVD-Rs (I needed some badly.. can’t believe the regular prices for the ones not on sale). I price-matched Batman down to Target’s $19.99 and Superhero Movie to Fry’s $13.99. Yay.

Hmm, I sense a theme among that first row of DVD covers.. Anyway, I got an icee and moved on to Borders. I had been checking their store inventory online all week and my store was the only one not to get Gantz Vol 1 in stock, But when I arrived, they had four copies on the shelf. Awesome. Now the very long wait until October for Vol 2.. I then went to Walgreens and bought a DVD Player that was on sale. That or the fact it was in a cart and not on the shelf should’ve tipped me off. I bought it anyway and returned home.. where it wouldn’t work at all. The remote refused to work even after replacing the batteries and the tray wouldn’t slide out. Perfect. I guess it’s another damn month before I can watch Power Rangers Zeo now.

I got online to inventory the new discs while my dad went to bed for a nap. He wasn’t feeling so good all morning. Then I watched The Soup Presents (lol) and The Middleman (haha, good episode). My dad woke up and and he continued having problems. I helped him some by heating him some food etc (about time, right? :p). I guess it’s his nerves or something? I guess if he’s too active, they begin to cause him to shake throughout his body..? After pretty much forcing him to take me out this morning with it happening, I had to pay him back somehow. 😦

So I watched another episode of MST3k — 202: “Sidehackers”. Haha. Then I fell asleep near the end.. but my dad did too. I awoke a bit later and got online to news-gather. I also went out to get the mail. My first Netflix Blu-ray has arrived. I should’ve chosen it better, but I guess I wasn’t really thinking about what my first Blu-ray film viewing will be. I finished up online by about 7PM, with my dad still sleeping in the other room. He told me he barely slept at all last night, so he needs it more than I need supper (*hungry* *can only use microwave*)..

I got bored with nothing to do, so I read some more Death Note. As it neared 8PM, the cat woke my dad up. He was feeling better, so he took me to Walgreens and I returned the crap DVD player. Then we got some Taco Bell for supper again. But while we were out, his shakes came back. Upon returning home, he found it difficult to eat and drink. 😦

So we watched the rest of Moment of Truth, followed by America’s Got Talent. A fuse went out while a storm was arriving, making us miss a part of this and screwing up my DVRing of H2O. Damnit. 😦 ..We then watched another Doctor Who (“Turn Left”.. well, mainly I again.. awesome episode though.. Dad: “you watch some weird stuff” hahaha). And that was about it.. except when I got online to crunchyroll and noticed just how similar Go-Onger is to PR now. Ugh. 😦 *downloads subbed Gransazer* *haha’s @ Zyuranger*

I’ve decided to upload the first episode of The Days onto Veoh. Do check it out and see why I must haves it. There’s only a preview on the site, but download the VeohTV program to watch the whole thing. And keep in mind that I only have these crap quality MPEG versions of episode 101-102 & 104-106. 😦 ..See ya..

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[ Twietmeyer – Evidence Of Ongoing Conflict With Alien Life ]


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