prjf 1825 spoiler / pr uk dvd update / today

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title and description. Episode 1825: “One Last Second Chance” will premiere on Toon Disney’s Jetix on August 15th.

PRJF Episode 1825 – “One Last Second Chance” – Writer: Ally Mondera – The Spirit Rangers could be the end of our heroes if something isn’t done. RJ takes the risk of destroying his father. Trusting his instincts, he finds that his dad was prepared if this should happen. Together with the help of his dad, RJ saves the other Masters from the grip of evil.

A RangerBoard member has provided a look at this week’s UK DVD release of Power Rangers S.P.D.: The Complete Series. The seven discs are housed in a double-wide clear DVD case with a center flap holding most of the them. All episodes are in order and include the original “Power Rangers Want You” featurettes. A closer look at the back cover claims the episodes are in widescreen..? :p Dino Thunder is set for complete UK release next week. Hmm.. Damnit. Now I wants these.. even though the episodes on the first five discs are still the US DVDs’ movie-length compilations and and the latter two discs are individual-yet-edited Jetix UK episodes. And Dino Thunder will likely be the same.. with an episode out of order.. But I need a new DVD player first. Damnit.

I awoke in the morning before my dad even left for dialysis. I got online for a bit.. then watched two episodes of MST3k (Season 1 finale & Season 2 premiere.. fell asleep during the first one though :/ @ the second.. it’s still improving). I also burned more DVDs. I bought 25, then 50.. and now I’m almost out of them again. Argh. And my preferred brands aren’t on sale this week.

I want to see The Days soooo badly. Someone out there on the internet has got to have them. All six episodes. Back on my old computer, I foolishly downloaded each and burned them to VCDs then deleted them. And with the previous computer being crappy, they didn’t do a good job of re-encoding to MPEG or burning them. I was only able to get 5 of the 6 episodes off the VCDs. And they don’t look all that great. I really should have at least put them on VHS when I had them on DVR or make data CDs as well.. On eMule, people only seems to have tiny segments of the files.. You’d think with Laura Ramsey becoming a bigger star with The Ruins recently, they’d have this on DVD by now. Grrrrr… *sighs*

So my dad returned from dialysis, had some breakfast, then soon went to bed for a nap. He gets weak after every dialysis and must sleep. I guess his blood slows down after going faster than usual. :/ ..I got the PS3 online and downloaded some stuff. And then I played GTA IV‘s free mode again. Hmm, it seemed even funner with friendly fire off and cops on. :p I should really try Race again next time though.. My dad woke up and got some fast food for supper, then I shut off the PS3 at about 5:30..

I got back online to news-gather, then finished up by 8PM. For the following hour, we mainly discussed the air conditioner now defecting (that’s awesome *begins transformation into human water fountain*).. and watched Factory (haha). At 9PM, I returned to my room as my dad watched his Nashville Star. But once it was over, we (but mainly I) watched Doctor Who (“Midnight”.. just couldn’t wait until SciFi’s airings.. my dad thought it was silly.. since it was the first episode he’s ever seen, but I enjoyed it.. I’ll probably finish the season before the weekend :p ..then maybe watch the whole series over again during next year’s lull šŸ™‚ ).

I returned to my room for a while. But I soon returned in time to watch the new episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury — 1819: “Path Of The Rhino”. Another episode that wasn’t all that bad really. If only these temporary writers could stick around. :p Dominic (not Flit.. dare to be unoriginal) arrives in town on a ferry and visits RJ, but not before joking around too much which eventually gets on the Rangers’ nerves. Once he discovers their Ranger secret, he wants to become a Ranger too. But the others don’t accept him.. until he proves himself by saving Fran. RJ hands over a bracelet morpher literally out of thin air and Dominic becomes the White Rhino Ranger.. The dubbing of the civilians sounded bad, but it sorta reminded me of the good ol’ days where non-Rangers would be dubbed.. badly. :p I was hoping for some kind of “Rhino Nexus in trouble” ending with Dominic that would lead into the next episode.. but look how well they pulled off that “Fran knows” ending a little while back. :/ Next week: “Dash For The Dagger”.. and not the one we all want it to be. :p

I am so sick of these companies hiding fake sugar in their products now. Those Kool-Aid Singles contain both real and fake sugar (aka Splenda) in order to fit them in those packets, I guess. Because real sugar takes up more space. And I had Tang quite a while ago and recently saw it on sale, so I picked some up. Since I’ve last had it, they’ve switched over to a sugar / Splenda mix as well. And I didn’t know until I actually tasted it. Splenda tastes so gross to me, but it’s showing up in more and more things all the time and they don’t even feel like telling us anymore. And don’t even get me started on how unhealthy all this fake sugar shit really is. Ugh.

/rant. *puts away soapbox* Been meaning to get that out for a little while, but I kept forgetting.. See ya.

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2 Responses to “prjf 1825 spoiler / pr uk dvd update / today”

  1. cassius335 Says:

    My advice? make your Dad watch Blink. Doctor-lite, but awesome.

  2. sonicalpha Says:

    Just noticed the PR boxed sets on Pretty cheap too, may have to pick up PRNS – PROO when I get some cash next month šŸ™‚

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