Saturday 07.05.2008 —

I awoke in the morning and had some breakfast.. then eventually took over the TV and watched The Soup (lol), Reno 911! (rofl), Ben 10: Alien Force (definitely my favorite episode so far..) and the one-hour season finale of Transformers Animated (pretty good two-parter.. if only CN hadn’t put their damn voiceover guy over the end credits, forcing me to turn on closed captioning just to discover what was said in the very last scene.. by this point, I’d almost consider a DVD purchase… almost).

My dad returned from an errand, then we watched 88 Minutes. Very good movie. We both liked it. But I just didn’t buy Al Pacino sexing up his female students who are half his age. :p ..My dad moved on to something else, so I didn’t watch another movie. Instead, I just played GTA IV for a few hours. I even let my dad try it. And you could tell the PS3 controller was completely alien to him. I recall him playing football and Namco Museum on PS2, but that’s been a while..

I shut it off once supper was ready, then got online for a bit. Due to SciFi’s stupid decision to not air a new Doctor Who last night so their Twilight Zone marathon may continue, I have nearly nothing to watch on the bedroom DVR. I’m even considering watching the US-unaired episodes since I’ve already put all four of them on a DVD.. and I’m getting impatient.. So I watched four episodes of Naruto (two from 6/14, two more from 6/21.. still need to catch up a bit.. and the nudity-covering mist becomes more lazily-done than ever.. looked like they just erased those parts with an eraser :/).

I got back online, then.. that was about it.. See ya.

[ Factions In Both US, Iran Play Up War Threat ]
[ Iran – ‘Any Attack Will Begin War’ ]
[ Bush Heckled At July Fourth Event – BBC Video ]
[ Bilderberg Strikes Again – European War On Freedom ]
[ Mattel Toy Cars Pass GM In Market Value! ]
[ Beijing Air Pollution May Kill A Few Olympic Athletes ]
[ Kidney Health Group Warns Fluoride Users ]
[ Diet Drinks – Aspartame Addiction & Weight Gain ]
[ $2.5 Trillion WASTED In Phony War On Drugs ]
[ Big Pharma Frenzy To Develop Cannabis Meds ]
[ Ancient Tablet Evidence Of Jesus Myth? ]
[ Tablet Ignites Debate On Messiah, Resurrection ]
[ Video: Mystery Space Machines Overhead – Part 14 ]


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