krdk in jan 2009? / today

Cynopsis Kids has a bit more news about Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. I’m wondering if the “available from” is only for Germany or for everyone. Probably the latter. :/ “Adness Entertainment has granted Germany’s m4e AG, a brand management and media company, the broadcast, home entertainment, licensing and merchandising rights for Germany and German-speaking territories for the live action series Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Adness is adapting the Japanese series and has completed production on 40×30 episodes of Kamen Rider, which will be available from January 2009. The series follows the adventures of a teen that obtains the powers of the Kamen Rider, an armored warrior from a parallel dimension, from a mysterious Advent Card. Now a Kamen Rider the teen must use his powers to help save his father from the clutches of the evil General Xaviax.”

Istayed until like 4AM last night. I actually fell asleep watching something and my dad woke me up. I got online to finish up the previous entry, then could get back to sleep. But I eventually succeeded.. I awoke in the morning to my alarm and watched some morning TV. Blah.. I got online, then we soon went out to media buy once again..

First, I headed to the bank. Month two of handing over a huge chunk of my check over to him. This one promises to be even more treacherous since there’s more DVDs I wants this month.. Next, I headed t oCircuit City and picked up the GTA IV strategy guide. It’s on sale at half price this week — $9.99. If I had this from the start of playing, I probably wouldn’t used any cheat codes like in past GTAs. But $20 was just was too much.

I headed to Best Buy next. I really need a huge disc wallet for my data DVDs, like the one that currently stores my music CDs. But they’ve redesigned the case since the last time I bought it and now it’s an ugly green color. Not to mention it costs way too much.. I went to Borders, where they didn’t have Gantz in stock for the third visit in a row. “On its way” in the computer all three times over the last ten days. Ugh. So I just bought Death Note manga Vol 8 & 13 How To Read (eh, last episode’s a few days away.. close enough.. though I didn’t think about the manga material that the anime skipped.. damn).

I got an icee, then headed to WalMart. They had the cheapest disc wallet (of course), but its design was just about as bad as that green one. I passed on that as well, then went to the grocery store for some things. We returned home and I wasted time with my new purchases. And then I watched another MST3k (“Robot Holocaust”.. haha’s @ the “film break” :p). My dad got Taco Bell for supper, then I got online to news-gather. I finished up online a bit before 8PM..

As my dad slept, I watched The Ruins: Unrated. With all the good word I’ve been hearing, I thought this would be my first download-then-purchase. But I now doubt it. I didn’t really like this film all that much. Besides the main non-human character (and Laura Ramsey’s brief nudity), I was bored. I guess I’ve seen too many bad “young people get lost in the middle of nowhere” horror movies. Like Turistas. Ew.. My dad woke up eventually, then we watched Bill Engvall Show (haha) and Fear Itself (wow, great episode this week.. 2 weeks until next one, booo 😦 ). Then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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