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I awoke in the morning, then got online for a bit. I watched another X-Men.. then got online again. Next, I watched another episode of MST3k (lol.. yeah, I’m not going to skip any episodes.. PS3’s doing that job for me with a few episodes that won’t play at all or have garbled audio when played on it). My dad returned home from dialysis, we had some breakfast, then he went to bed for a nap.. all before MST3k was over.

I watched yet another episode of X-Men (the last one before the long wait for episode 5’s re-airing.. though I did just get on a complete series torrent as well.. but that’ll probably take just as long :p) and The Secret Life Of An American Teenager (from the creator of 7th Heaven? ugh.. @ that and the badly editing out of a blowjob reference.. he only called her, then they mention that it had happened later on in the episode and I’m all “wtf when” :/), then got online again. But upon seeing these videos about today’s PS3 firmware update.. I just had to get the PS3 online and update. Coool @ playing music in-game.. but now I have to transfer all my music to the PS3 because it wouldn’t allow in-game playback from a USB drive.

I also downloaded a few demos (including echochrome.. trippy), then got online with GTA IV. There must have been a lot of people online to get the update as well. I made a new free mode game with 1 private slot and the thing filled up people rather quickly. And at least not all of them were annoyances.. but that may have been because I shut off Friendly Fire. *stands while guy keeps blasting me with a gun.. reloads.. then blasts some more, with no effect whatsoever* Whee. :p Sorry to the guy who got in the passenger side of my car as I left the game and went offline. My dad began to complain, really wanting to see the news.. so yeah..

I shut it off and got the PC back online, then we had some supper as I got online to news-gather. I finished up online by 7:30, then soon watched a couple movies. We watched College Road Trip (hahaha, mindless family comedy.. and Donny Osmond’s character may just be the most annoying character I’ve ever seen on film.. but it was intended that way, so congrats :p) and Dude, Where’s My Car? (yup, I had never even seen this movie until tonight :/ ..sorta a mix between Bill & Ted and Dumb & Dumber.. though I’ve never seen Bill & Ted either), followed by Mind of Mencia (lol). And then that was about it..

See ya.

[ Rep Ron Paul – ‘Something Big Is Going On’ ]
[ Joan Veon – America Seized With Fear ]
[ White House Knew Of Iraqi-Bush Oil Deal ]
[ Veteran Suicides – 18 Every Day, 1,000 Monthly Attempts ]
[ Sen Housing Bill OKs Feds To Spy On Net Commerce ]
[ NJ-NY Train Station AUDIBLE Mind Control? ]
[ Obama Seen As A Muslim Overseas ]
[ Video: The Kinsey Coverup ]
[ Mystery Fireball Streaks Across Sky ]
[ HBCC Report Of SoCal Mystery Craft Crash ]
[ Mystery Craft Search & Rescue Radio Transcripts ]


4 Responses to “no news / today”

  1. itsbuttery Says:

    Heads up.

    Sounds like if you try to install it now, it won’t go through, which is a good thing, because when the firmware update WAS working, it was messing up people’s PS3’s to the point where a format of the hard drive (and thus a loss of all files) was required.

  2. prometheusufo Says:

    I’m having no problems with mine.. yet. The clock looks kinda boring in the basic font.

    I just wish they would add DIV3 & DX50 codec support. It’s annoying to burn a whole TV series to DVD (Spider-Man 1994), then find that half of them can’t be played. :/

  3. itsbuttery Says:

    Hmm, perhaps they’ve just fixed it already and I didn’t notice. Those two articles ARE a day or two old.

  4. koulagirl666 Says:

    We’re only just getting news of it over here in Australia, and I was under the impression that it had only just been pulled here.

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