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Kyl416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title and description. Episode 1824: “Blue Ranger, Twin Danger” (ha) will debut on August 11th.

PRJF Episode 1824 – “Blue Ranger, Twin Danger” – Writer: KJ Bekman – The Phantom Beasts control the masters and call forth the Spirit Rangers. They look and fight exactly like Power Rangers. Our heroes are in for a real fight as they face the spirits of their own masters. RJ makes a device that will momentarily stop the Spirit Rangers. But he knows that something more has to be done in order to save his dad and the other masters.

Nickelodeon has issued a press release concerning the upcoming final episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. As I mentioned in a recent entry, the final ten episodes will air within a six day period. On Monday July 14th at 8PM ET, a whole week of premiere episodes will open with 312: “The Western Air Temple”. Episode 313: “The Firebending Masters” will follow on Tuesday at 8PM, then episodes 314: “The Boiling Rock, Part 1” & 315: “The Boiling Rock, Part 2” will air back-to-back on Wednesday at 8PM. Rounding out the week will be episode 316: “The Southern Raiders” on Thursday and 317: “The Ember Island Players” on Friday. And then on Saturday July 19th at 8PM ET, Aang’s epic journey will come to an end with “Sozin’s Comet” Parts 1 through 4, airing together in a special two-hour movie event. I so can’t wait. 🙂

TVShowsOnDVD now has cover art for the September 9th DVD release of The Spectacular Spider-Man: Attack Of The Lizard. Pretty cool. Also pretty cool is the fact that this DVD, containing the series’ first three episodes, will be in anamorphic widescreen. 🙂

Sony has issued a press release announcing that the new PS3 firmware system update 2.40, available on July 2nd, will add the option to visit the XMB (PS3’s main menu) while playing a game. This also opens the possibility of being able to play your own music while gaming. Cool. Trophies are also being added..

I awoke in the morning and soon watched Spider-Man (Spider Wars 1.. wow, all the Spideys were cooool), then I just played some more GTA IV (exploring the new island, mostly.. finally gave the motorcycles a chance). My dad returned home from dialysis and I eventually shut it off. We had some breakfast, then I got online for a bit.

After a little while, I took over the TV again and watched Spider-Man (Spider Wars 2, the series finale.. I’m gonna miss it.. now on to X-Men, that has like 345245 episodes on my DVR now.. and only four that I can watch because I missed an episode that doesn’t re-air until mid-July 😦 ) and MST3k (damnit, I wanted to watch this.. but I fell asleep again.. damn recliner). Next, I just played some more GTA IV (rampage).

I shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online at about 7:30.. I went to the living room and watched another episode of Journeyman. I hope the PS3 doesn’t get worn out with all this use. The PS2 held up fine, but this is an earlier version PS3 than the PS2 I have. I play a game, then play store-bought DVDs, AVI Data DVDs, MP3 Data CDs, and sometimes audio & video files on the USB drive. I use it everyday, just like I did the PS2. I should get back to some PS2 games as well, now that its hooked up to the bedroom TV.. and my cheaper PS3 can’t play them..

I watched the How I Met Your Mother rerun, played with the cat, then got back online for the rest of the night. I posted my first lyrics entry in over a year, then checked some sites. Many hours later, I watched some Leno.. then the power went out while I was online. Awesome. And just minutes before Power Rangers Jungle Fury. But it only stayed off for about 5-10 seconds, long enough to make sure everything stayed off or was reset. Ugh. It screwed up one of my DVRings, but everything was back on just a few minutes before Jungle Fury started.

I then watched it (duh) — episode 1818: “True Friends, True Spirits”. It wasn’t that bad.. by Disney standards.. which are pretty low. Flit was still annoying.. but just a little less, because he was being good. :p I guess the part I liked most was the RJ vs Wolf battle in his head. That was pretty neat. Some online have suggested that Flit may be the Rhino Ranger. And this episode hints slightly in that direction, with him being a warrior under a spell.. and the much more subtle fact that Dai Shi asked Camille to fetch Flit.. then brought up the Rhino Nexus. Hmmm.. Looking forward to next week.. somewhat.. I guess..

Well, see ya.

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