warner video holiday cash-in / today

Warner & HBO have announced a whole lot of special boxed sets on DVD & Blu-ray for release just in time for the holidays.. in order to try and make us buy our favorite films and movies over again for larger amounts of money. TheDigitalBits has all the pics of these sets, which include new special features.. and useless trinkets. Among them are The Sopranos: The Complete Series, Deadwood: The Complete Series, Flintstones: The Complete Series, Batman: The Complete Animated Series, JFK: Ultimate Collector’s Edition, Casablanca: Ultimate Collector’s Edition, I Am Legend: Ultimate Collector’s Edition (new special features.. damnit), 300: Limited Collector’s Edition DVD (a much more elaborate Blu-ray will come in 2009) and.. A Christmas Story: Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Phew.. I’d like I Am Legend.. again.. I’d also like to check out Batman too. But these are all likely out of my price range. 😦

I awoke in the morning and watched the final episode of Instant Star (aw, really felt more like a season finale.. no wonder The N wanted to be rid of it quickly 😦 ), got online for a bit, then finally got Maxim Hot 100: 2008 transferred to VHS. I mostly do it now to keep the tape with now four years of it complete.. than anything else.. My dad returned home from dialysis, we had some breakfast and watched Price Is Right.. :/

I got online for a bit, but couldn’t find anything to do. Damnit.. Then I returned to the living room and watched Reno 911! (rofl) and Swingtown (ooh, good episode.. I’m usually more interested in the teenage plots, but the adults’ one was interesting this week as well). Then I played GTA IV. I finally played the next mission: the bank robbery. I was worried it would be difficult.. and I was right. Even while using the health cheat every once in a while, I died and failed the mission twice. Haha. It’s fun though..

I shut it off a bit early and watched another episode of MST3k. That ended at about 5:30, then I got online to news-gather. I finished up online by 7PM and went to the bedroom DVR to watch I Love The Millennium (2004.. there’s been a few things cut from the episodes.. they’re mentioned in the on-screen guide description, then nowhere in the episode itself 😦 ). My dad finally woke up during this hour and we had a late supper.

At 8PM, I watched another Journeyman while my dad was off outside again. But he returned in time for Duel.. and the severe storms to show up outside. :p Then we watched The Soup (lol).. and I soon returned to my room for the night.. The connection’s really starting to act up now. I had two torrents going all day, and the upload speed would suddenly drop to nearly nothing then return. I didn’t really think much about it because I’m a leeching asshole. And now the connection’s dropping out completely again. Just great..

I think I’ll begin sharing some of my recent acquisitions through my new MediaFire account. I recently torrented some Power Rangers comic books. They’re CBR files.. and I just recently discovered that WinRAR opens those files. Thought I had to download and install a whole new program or something. So anyway, here’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie‘s comic book adaptation. Oh, and the Time Force score is there too. Enjoy.. and see ya. πŸ™‚

[ Video: Ron Paul Blasts Talk Of Iran Attack ]
[ ‘Thought Crime’ Bill Dead In The Senate ]
[ Jewish Groups Slam Handgun Decision ]
[ Ruling To Spur Flurry Of Challenges To Gun Laws ]
[ Islam Targets First Amendment In US Next ]
[ Bush/McCain’s Gas Price Scam An Enron Rerun ]
[ Video: Mexican Army Incursion Into The US ]
[ Video: Mexican Army Members Held In PHOENIX Home Invasion, Murder ]
[ Mexicans Urged To Reclaim A Piece Of Texas ]
[ U.S. Stocks Slump Further – Worst June Since 1930 ]
[ Asian Stocks Fall On Fears Over Oil, US ]
[ Carlin, Diet Coke With Aspartame & Cardiac Death ]
[ Huh?!? US Freezes Solar Energy Projects ]
[ North Pole Ice-Free For First Time This Summer? ]
[ New Research Shows The Seas Are Going Acid ]


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  1. anonymous Says:

    Hey… I just wanted to say something about CBR files. You say WinRAR can open those files. I’m sure it can but can it be viewed like a real comic? Just download CDisplay. Everyone uses that to view comics on a PC. It’s simple as can be and very enjoyable.

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