no news / today

I awoke in the morning and immediately watched MST3k.. then fell asleep. Once I awoke, I tried to watch some movies, but the PS3 wouldn’t play any of the ones I wanted to watch. It’s such a touchy thing in the file type department.. I got online for a bit, then my dad returned from dialysis. After some morning TV (including some news), I took over the TV and watched Instant Star (wow.. two left? 😦 ) and X-Men (“Enter Magneto”.. wow, that was a lot better than the premiere two-parter 🙂 ).

Next, I plugged in my PS3 to get online with it, updating the system and GTA IV. I then opened my own private Free Mode game with Friendly Fire off. People came in and out and I stood there as they kept shooting me and nothing happened. Until one got smart and got a rocket launcher. I rampaged alone, then got bored and watched a race.. then raced myself for the first time. Hmm, I should have been doing that instead wasting all afternoon in free mode..

5PM came around and I soon shut off the PS3 and got back online to news-gather. My dad got supper from Taco Bell (we haven’t had the cheap burrito lately, so it was fine), then I finished up online by 6PM. I went to the bedroom DVR and watched two more episodes of I Love The New Millennium.. At 8PM, we began watching The Kingdom.. but we both found it too boring (after the cool “history lesson” opening credits and opening scene, that is).. So I put in Fool’s Gold and we watched that instead. Hehe. It was a light and fun little movie. We both liked it.. After Mind of Mencia (hehe), I returned to my room for the night.

I guess I need a new monitor. It’s the only thing that’s still ancient. Quick movements in the full screen videos I watch make lines of distortion across the screen. That’s why I’m not watching Power Rangers Zeo on it right now. So I must wait until next month. :/ See ya.

[ Americans Will Be Last To See It – The Zionist Control Of America ]
[ Stupid USA – How Iran Would Retaliate ]
[ Israel Pushing US Harder To Attack Iran ]
[ Bolton – Israel ‘Will Attack Iran’ Before New President ]
[ A ‘Terror’ Attack On US Is McCain’s Best Hope ]
[ Ex-McCain Vietnam Captor Says McCain Lies For Votes ]
[ McCain Admits Iraq/Afghan Wars About Oil & Gas ]
[ State-Sponsored Terror – US, UK Black Ops In Iraq ]
[ We May Be Facing A Fall Stock Market Disaster ]
[ FL SWAT Goons Kill Homeowner Over NOTHING ]
[ Video: Want To Fly? Get Ready For X-Ray Strip Search ]
[ US Mayors To Phase Out Bottled Water ]
[ Earth Near Tipping Point, Climatologist Warns ]
[ Astronomers On Verge Of Finding Earth’s Twin ]
[ Morford – Scientists Says Earth Is Humming Music ]
[ SF May Name Sewage Treatment Plant After Bush ]


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