prjf 1823 spoiler / today

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KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title and spoiler description. KyL has had descriptions for all episodes up to episode 29 for a while now, but only shared them with his closest online friends. Episode 1823: “Fear And The Phantoms” will likely air on August 6th. This is the first of three descriptions that were leaked to Rangerboard a little while back, perhaps by one of those friends.

PRJF Episode 1823 – “Fear and the Phantoms” – Writer: Grace Urwin – The Phantom Beasts have been brought back to life. Dai Shi has them prove their loyalty by capturing the three masters. The Phantom Beasts capture the masters and use the masters to create the Spirit Rangers.

I awoke early in the morning and got online for a bit, then watched the one-hour season finale of H2O (wow, great ending), another MST3k (lol) and 10,000 BC. Wow, this movie really bored me. I kept looking away or getting up and walking off. Camilla Belle was sooo hot.. and her scenes were pretty much the only ones I enjoyed in any way.. I watched the “sneak peaks” of I Love The New Millennium at 11AM. Wow, there was a LOT of commercials. Then “catch the full episode tonight” came onscreen and I wondered if anything was cut.. My dad returned home and we had some breakfast, then he headed to bed..

I watched Spider-Man (wow), Fat Guy Stuck In Internet ( >_> ) and E!’s Funniest TV Commercial Moments (lol @ the monkey killing that guy.. but never before have the commentators been more unfunny and annoying). Then I played GTA IV for the rest of the afternoon. I completed Brucie’s vehicle retrievals, went out with Kate.. then rampaged a little. :p

At 5PM, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather. The damn internet connection seems to only drop out on certain torrents, and today I’m running one such torrent. So every half hour or so, I must unplug and replug the damn modem to get the connection back. It wouldn’t be as annoying if Firefox chose to not load any sites after some of the disconnects, forcing me to reboot the thing multiple times in one day. Grrrr. Plus, I had great speeds this morning, so I thought that “make utorrent faster” video on youtube helped.. but now I’m back down again :/ ..We had some supper, then I finished up online by 7PM.

My dad and I then watched Jumper. Cooool. We both really liked this movie. The style and universe was awesome. It just needed more of a story and a longer runtime than 88 minutes. *hopes for a more fleshed-out sequel.. and/or an extended cut* As it neared 9PM, I returned to my room and got online again. And watched I Love The New Millennium.. again. It seems I did miss a few things this morning. Then what’s the point of the damn sneak peeks..? -_- I didn’t feel like watching the same things in one day, so I didn’t really watch it all that much..

.See ya..

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  1. koulagirl666 Says:

    Torrents suck with ethernet. What you might be able to do is limit the speed your program is allowed to send/receive at.

    Depending on your modem, you can disconnect and reconnect from your browser, too, which might save you resetting the modem itself all the time.

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