prison break dvd date / today

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I guess last year’s delayed DVD release of Prison Break: Season Two to get out of the way of the Heroes release didn’t work out that well. So 20th Century Fox has moved its release date for Prison Break: Season Three up two weeks rather than back. Yup, it was scheduled on Heroes‘ release date yet again this year. Haha. :p

I awoke in the morning to my DVR recordings fucked up. I forgot to delete one and it ran out of space on this morning’s X-Men episode and completely missed Spider-Man. Just great. And due to Jetix no longer airing them multiple times a day, I must wait longer for the missed episodes to re-air. At least the Spidey episode re-airs next Friday.. but the X-Men episode will take nearly a month to re-air. And it would’ve re-aired twice more tonight if they hadn’t decided to start those other two slots over from the beginning today. Why reboot on a Friday..?

Anyway.. I watched Spider-Man (ooh, I hope Captain America is intro’ed this way in the movie) and Sweeney Todd (well, sorta.. just to check the disc.. may still consider a purchase someday.. but until then..) and the first episode of X-Men (didn’t really like the jokiness.. “you broke up a fight that wasn’t really a fight, hahahahahaha etc” least Beast delivers some maturity though). My dad returned home from dialysis, we had some breakfast, then I got online for a bit.

Once he haded to bed for a nap, I watched another Spider-Man (two to go.. then I wait a week for the final five 😦 ) and an episode of MST3k (I watched one.. then gave up not far into another.. I’m liking the minor continuing plots, but the riffing’s not as funny.. almost wanna skip to Season 1). Then I had planned to finally explore Liberty City in GTA IV.. and ended up just rampaging again. :p

I shut the game off at.. 6PM (ack), had some supper, and got online to news-gather. And I got an e-mail reply back from Disney Video. I e-mailed them concerning DVD season sets of Power Rangers right after the UK sets were revealed. Their reply was the expected one — no current plans for season sets, but they’ll pass on my request to Marketing. I named each season separately, so they also mentioned how many volumes were out for each of them.. and that they no information right now on Power Rangers Jungle Fury. Hmm. :/

At 8PM, nothing was on so my dad and I soon watched Bill Engvall Show (haha), Mind of Mencia (lol, especially @ the opening), Reno 911! (lol) and Swingtown (good episode..). Then I returned to my room for the night..

Someone contacted me on Rangerboard requesting it, so I’ve reuploaded the Power Rangers Time Force (and Turbo) score tracks. All of the ones that used to be available on Glenn Scott Lacey’s site as well as the few new ones now on his site. I also threw in the opening & closing Time Force themes and the cyclobot swearing clips from “End of Time”. :p ..Damn, I wanna see Time Force again.. See ya.

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  1. ladywhaiyvern Says:

    *steals Time Force Score and runs off to listen to* Thanks, TF was one of my favorite seasons!!! =)

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