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Warner Home Video have announced that Robot Chicken: Season 3 will its DVD debut on October 6th. And that sounds like perfect timing. Adult Swim has set August 31st as the start date for the premieres of the remaining 6 episodes of said season, so the season could complete its run just in time for the DVD release. Heh, I like that Japanese cover art.

Shout! Factory will release their first Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD release on October 28th. It will be a four-disc set entitled Mystery Science Theater 3000 – 20th Anniversary Edition. Amazon claims the SRP will be set at $69.99. And that’s about all that is known at this time. Shout! Factory will reveal more details at the San Diego Comic-Con next month..

I awoke in the morning and got online, then we soon had some breakfast. We finally watched the first episode of The Middleman (hm, I’m not liking it so far.. it’s brought the goofiness of Men In Black, but not so much the coolness.. but its certainly brought the MIB: The Series episode titling style though). After I had some time online while my dad watched his news, I then watched Spider-Man (the final season begins..) and another episode of MST3k (these KTMA episodes are somewhat more boring.. and I have 12 more to go, wheeee).

I then wasted the rest of the afternoon rampaging in GTA IV. I really should get back to the story missions. I guess I’m just too worried about the next mission. Many have said its their favorite, but I bet its pretty tough. Sounds it, anyway.. I shut it off at 5PM and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online even before 7PM..

After some disc organizing (I really need another book.. and some more jewel cases), we watched a couple more movies. First up: Be Kind Rewind. It took me a little bit to get into it, but I ended up quite liking the film. I had a hard time understanding Spotless Mind, but this was a great film. My dad on the other hand.. Then I watched Nancy Drew. The school parts really felt shoehorned in and felt like they didn’t belong with the rest of the film. I wonder if the studio demanded to add these more relatable teenage elements. I liked those parts, but the rest of it was definitely superior. Bruce Willis’ cameo surprised me, and it was great seeing Rachel Leigh Cook in film again. In all, the movie exceeded my expectations. Too bad I.. got a PAL-fuzzied version of the film. Ah well.. it may just be good enough for me to purchase.. for cheap..

Once the movies ended, I returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

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