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First Germany is getting the Saban seasons of Power Rangers released completely on DVD… and now the UK are getting complete boxed set DVD releases of the Disney seasons this summer. And unlike Germany, they’re being released quite quickly. July 7th will see a complete release of Power Rangers S.P.D., followed by Power Rangers Dino Thunder on July 14th (*drools* by far my favorite of the Disney seasons), Power Rangers Mystic Force on July 21st, Power Rangers Ninja Storm on July 28th and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive on August 4th. Wow. I’ll probably hold off on these for a bit though, since they’re being released by Disney themselves. Who knows, maybe there’s similar US releases around the corner as well..?

Check out the Woolworths website for the cover art of all five releases. But there’s word that these releases will be the Jetix UK edits of the episodes, except for the episodes already released onto DVD in the US which will be those versions. Ninja Storm is said to have the most editing, while Dino Thunder & Mystic Force seemed untouched..

Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of June 22nd to 28th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Not many new releases that I’m interested in again this week. Though I’m definitely in for this week’s new DVD release of Death Note Volume 5. I would like to get Charlie Bartlett someday, but even Best Buy’s cheapest price of $17.99 is a bit too high. Maybe.. Spiderwick Chronicles will get lame exclusives with their 2-disc DVDs. Best Buy and Target both have books with them, while Circuit City is offering trading cards. :/ I didn’t even like the film enough to purchase. The Blu-rays for Men In Black, Signs and V For Vendetta will all be $19.99 each at Target. I’m likely to get the latter (I go into it further below).

TVShowsOnDVD incorrectly posted the SRPs for the upcoming Heroes video releases. They’re actually a bit higher-priced than expected. The Season 1 Blu-ray will go for a $99.99 SRP, while Season 2 in Blu will be set at $79.99. The Season 2 DVD will retail for $39.99. :/

I awoke early in the morning once again and burned a couple DVDs. We had some breakfast, then got ready and soon headed out to media buy.. There’s actually no new releases that I wanted this week. First, I headed to Best Buy. I was considering buying the new Men in Black Blu-ray ($24.99 – $5 price-match – $5 Reward Zone = $15) in order to get what I really wanted: the Hancock Free Best Buy Exclusive Sneak Peek Blu-ray Disc. But I changed my mind and and only bought two copies of the free disc for virtually free. In store, they’re marked it at 1 cent and a purchase of one counts toward getting the other one free. Then the checkout guy was nice enough to spot me the penny. Cool. I left with three free discs in all (some lame Kung Fu Panda CD-ROM was the other).

I moved on to Speedway and got another orange creme icee (for free with Speedy Rewards). Damn they’re good. And only 79 cents.. I visited Walgreen for some more tapes (though less than I usually get). I then stopped by Target and eventually passed on Transformers Animated: Transform And Roll Out!. The bonus disc includes an unnamed bonus episode of the series that’ll most likely be released on the two-disc Season 1 DVD in August. :/ And the Californication bonus DVD is only an episode of Tracey Ullman’s State Of The Union, in case you were wondering.

We went to the grocery store for some things, then I used a free gift card I got recently and paid nothing there either. So in all, I spent only about 6 or 7 bucks. Woohoo. Looks like V For Vendetta, which is most likely my favorite film ever, will be my first Blu-ray next week. Just like Contact, which was my favorite film at that time, was my first DVD purchase. 🙂

We returned home and I got online to.. not inventory the new discs. I wish they would add these promotional Blu-rays to DVDAf though, both the Spider-Man 3 one and now Hancock. But nope. 😦 We watched the Hancock Blu-ray, which consisted of a 4min Sneak Peek segment that was a mix of cast interviews & scenes from the film, the 1:40 teaser trailer, a set-top game present on the new Men In Black Blu-ray and a selection of other films’ trailers.

Then I watched Spider-Man (oh look, the contest crap started last week without the scrolling bullshit) and another episode of MST3k (“Gamera vs Zigra”.. hmm, should I go back and watch the ones I skipped.. or hurry up and get these lower quality Season 0 episodes over with.. hmm). The Power Rangers Zeo DVD arrived in the mail. The metallic texture to the outer case is pretty cool, and I was expecting it to be thinner but not this thin. It’s about 1 1/2 the width of a basic DVD case. Wow.

I watched The Zeo Serial (which I have now uploaded to Veoh as well), then went to watch the first two episodes due to time. But the cheap DVD Player that I had left unused for a while.. stopped working. I turned it on and the tray is locked. It won’t open. I reloaded it over and over by unplugging it.. but to no luck. I get online and hear about other trays locking up on this DVD player (Trutech T600D). The VLC player on my computer seems to play it fine.. but I want to watch it on my big-screen TV in the living room damnit. *sigh* The world just refuses to let me have anything without eventually fucking them up…

I sadly gave up and returned to my room to news-gather. We had some supper, then finished up online by 8PM. My dad didn’t return from outside until 9PM though, so I got back online until then for the most part. Then we watched America’s Got Talent (those auditions were way too edited together). After that was over, I returned to my room and attempted to watch the two-part finale of MMPR Season 3 and the two-part premiere of PRZ on the computer.. and failed. I got to the last episode before I fell asleep. And the desk’s chair is so uncomfortable. Not to mention the monitor is still ancient, so the episodes didn’t look as great.. After that, I fell asleep on the couch until 3AM, when I was rudely awakened by someone knocking at the door and then trying to open it. :/

So it seems my options are watching the Power Rangers Zeo DVDs on my computer, which I really wouldn’t want to do. Especially now. Or wait a few weeks until I buy the exact same DVD player knowing that’ll screw up someday just like this one. I just can’t find another DVD player that is cheap, region-hackable, and has PAL-to-NTSC conversion. Ugh.. See ya.

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  1. koulagirl666 Says:

    LG DVD players are hackable and they’re fairly cheap here. I had one for ages and ages until I got a cheap one from my regular DVD store that was region-free by default. The only problem with it was that sometimes discs would get stuck because the drawer wouldn’t stay out long enough to put them in, but your reflexes are good enough to avoid that… right?

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