Sunday 06.15.2008 —

I awoke quite earlier than expected.. and watched Ebert & Roeper. Then I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday when my dad woke up. We had some breakfast, and I watched Shin Chan (lost episode, eh? :/), Bleach (oic.. not bed), Code Geass (had a hard time keeping my attention.. hostage situation episodes usually do), Death Note (great episode.. and already only three or so left 😦 ), Witchblade (the final episode.. nice) and Spider-Man (mostly to empty the DVR a bit more than to watch it..).

I tried playing the recently-burned MST3K DVD.. but the first episode on it cut off after 10 minutes. Ugh. Hope it’s not due to the new Sony DVDRs. Maybe I should switch back to TDK.. So I played some GTA IV. Mostly just rampaging. And before I knew it, it was already time for my dad’s NASCAR crap. Great. I shut it off and returned to my room.

After some time online, I watched the 2-hour SciFi Channel documentary special Mystery of the Crystal Skulls on the bedroom DVR. It was interesting.. somewhat.. but I fell asleep anyway. Then I woke up.. and couldn’t wait for it to be over.. I took care of the MST3K DVD problem, discovering it was a “broken” file. So I just redownloaded and burned again. It’ll be weird seeing these Season 0 episodes for the first time.. and in such low quality.

My dad has started to mix food from home with fast food for meals, like today’s supper. That would be nicer if it wasn’t the exact same fast food like three times a week. 😦 ..After supper and his news, my dad and I watched a couple more movies. First up was Funny Games. I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. It was sorta like Saw, only more realistic..? And without most of the gore.. Haha @ breaking the fourth wall. :p And as usual, dad’s simple mind dismissed it as stupid and didn’t watch parts of it. :\

And because my dad ran off outside, I chose a different film to watch after it: The Spiderwick Chronicles. I liked it. I was surprised by the mix of kid/family-ness with tiny bits of more mature material (“oh shi-” *BOOM* :p). Too bad this’ll probably end up like fellow Nick film Unfortunate Events (which I actually liked more) — a movie based on a book series not made into a movie series. 😦 Once he came back inside, my dad dismissed this film as well and headed to bed early. Well, maybe if he was here when I started the next one.. but nooo..

Luckily, I’ve recently slacked off in downloading movies (I still have a lot of them to watch). But now I’ve moved on to TV. :p ..Once the film ended, I got back online.. and that was about it.. See ya.

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[ GM Bacteria Eat Waste, Excrete Diesel Fuel ]


One Response to “Sunday 06.15.2008 —”

  1. anonymous Says:

    “And before I knew it, it was already time for my dad’s NASCAR crap. Great.”

    lol. That’s how I feel on Sundays. Except I usually make sure I’m parked in front of the 34 inch flatscreen when they start. My dad watches it in the kitchen or if it’s on TNT or ESPN, in his bedroom. He’s only interested in the Nextel Cup Series, not the Craftsman Trucks or the other one they run on Saturdays.

    I have more errant brain cells in my pinky than that dumbass announcer that yells “Boogitty boogitty boogitty, let’s go racing boys!!” at the start of every race, has in his skull.

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