Saturday 06.14.2008 —

I awoke rather early in the morning and eventually had some breakfast. I then watched Best Week Ever (lol) and Reno 911! (rofl).. and then got really bored with two hours to kill. So I got online and discovered that I hadn’t finished the previous entry. So I did so.. then was bored again. :p I got into burning another DVD, then 10AM finally arrived.

I watched Spectacular Spider-Man (the awesome season finale.. and the voice cast just recently completed work on Season 2.. so looking forward to it), Ben 10: Alien Force (eh it was okay.. though I enjoyed the Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie promo more :p ..somehow, CN is airing the movie tomorrow night), Transformers Animated (not much of a story this week.. more leading up to things to come) and Swingtown (hm, not bad).

Next, my dad and I watched Semi-Pro (omg, watching a store-bought DVD for once.. but regretted it.. movie’s not that great.. or that could be because I chose to view the unrated version rather than the theatrical) and Charlie Bartlett (this one’s out out on DVD a week from Tuesday *cough* I’ve been looking to seeing this one for a while, and I liked it quite a bit.. I’d like to buy the DVD.. but it looks like it’ll be $20 the first week, so I’ll probably hold off for a bit 😦 ). My dad couldn’t stay awake for either one..

By the time the latter movie ended, it was nearing 5PM already. So I got online for a bit, then went to the bedroom DVR and watched two episodes of Naruto (from 5/31 :p), Charlie Jade (blah), Doctor Who (“The Unicorn And The Wasp”.. hehe, not bad) and Battlestar Galactica (the big mid-season finale.. and it was actually not boring for once, yay 🙂 ). Then.. that was about it..?

See ya.

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