no news / today

I awoke in the morning and watched the usual TV. I got online for a bit, then we went to the grocery store. I didn’t get very much though. I’m already low on funds for the rest of the month thanks to my father’s BS. We returned home, then went back out again. I got another icee (i couldn’t wait until Tuesday for more orange creme), then we returned home and watched Mind of Mencia (lol.. cept maybe that opening skit) and two episodes of Instant Star (got something caught up.. for these few hours unti l the new episode).

I then played GTA IV for the rest of the afternoon. I really feel bad using cheat codes on the main gamesave. I really should have gotten the strategy guide.. then I would’ve only had the one instead of three I have now (was looking for a knife fast, okay). After a couple missions, I rampaged until I got bored. Then I shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online a bit after 6:30, so I finally watched the ,b>Day Break finale (wow, I wants this on DVD now.. mostly only because I can’t find a torrent.. it wrapped up everything well, except for a few tiny things for the second season that never happened).

We watched Cleaner. Great movie. Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes.. and it’s direct to video? I guess the plot was sorta unoriginal, now that I think about it.. After that, we soon watched Bill Engvall Show (lol) and Fear Itself (another great episode.. er, “movie” according to NBC’s ads :p ..yay’s @ the new Hulk ad, showing Iron Man‘s cameo appearance.. I cannot wait for these on DVD). Then I returned to my room for the night..

My dad recently contacted her sister down south to see if she was okay due the recent flooding. The water rose to just under the floor level of her home, but both heating and air conditioning stopped working. They were evacuated, so I guess they’re okay. I hope her cats are okay. She had quite a few, and some of them lived outside. One of them is most likely the brother of our cat, since she gave him to us quite a while back..

See ya.

[ Bush – Military Strike Against Iran Still An Option ]
[ Bush Signs Law Giving Zionists Biometric Authority ]
[ House Traitors Put Impeachment On Dead End Road ]
[ Video: Kucinich Impeachment Speech Censored By Media ]
[ Video: AZ State Sen Johnson Pushing New 911 Probe ]
[ Videos: Biggest Oil Find In US History ]
[ Zionist French Govt To Censor The Internet ]
[ Historic Immigration Enforcement Rally On June 18 ]
[ Ron Paul To Quit Presidential Campaign Tonight ]
[ Brit Arrested After Falling Off Couch Laughing ]
[ Obscenity Trial Judge Posted Porn On Own Website ]
[ Pluto Gets A New Classification – ‘Plutoid’ ]
[ Intelligent People ‘More Likely To Be Atheists’ ]
[ Scientology Founder – Christ Was ET Mind Control Plant ]

Mystic_Pikachu010: “SPD was awesome.”
Poweranimals: “Awesome like when someone gives you a bowl of candy and then takes it away, giving you broccoli instead with the occasional piece of candy mixed in. Then when you beg for more, they dump it all over you and leave.” — Rangerboard


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