heroes s2 details / today

TVShowsOnDVD has first details on the August 29th video releases of Heroes. Heroes: Season 1 will premiere on Blu-ray with just about all the special features that were on the HD-DVD. Heroes: Season 2 will also debut on DVD & Blu-ray the same day, and at cheaper prices due to there being only 11 episodes. Nice. The DVD is set for only a $29.98 SRP, while the Blu-ray will have a $49.98 SRP. Special features include audio commentaries, deleted scenes, featurettes, an alternate ending, and a Season 3 sneak peek. Coool. I hope they have a store-exclusive Collector’s Edition DVD again, like the one at Target last year. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up the previous entry. Damnit. I fell asleep too early again. Then I watched Ken Park. Wow, what a great movie to start the day on. lol. I just wanted to get it out of the way before my dad came home.. but he got home from dialysis within the last eight minutes (the fun threesome scene). I paused it and somewhat led him into the kitchen.. then watched the rest of it. I liked it.. except for all the manparts on screen. Ack. And Maeve Quinlan from South of Nowhere played a very different sort of mom here. Wow.

So we had some breakfast and watched Price Is Right, then my dad napped. I watched a couple more episodes of H20 (yay, finally caught up to Nick.. though watching these episodes so close together almost makes me want to switch over to the downloaded versions.. the continuing plotlines are cool) and Instant Star (now I’m a day behind.. and just fine with it). Then I played through GTA IV for the rest of the afternoon. I played through a few more missions. My dad got us some Taco Bell too early for supper.. but he was hungry, so..

I shut it off at about 5:30, then got online to news-gather. Then I finished that up my 8PM. My dad was still not feeling that good, so he went to bed. I watched a movie I’m sure he wouldn’t care to see — Alien Agent, a cheap sci-fi movie starring Power Rangers Dino Thunder‘s Emma Lahana. And she was definitely the best thing about this movie. She shone.. while everyone and everything else just.. bleh. Mainly, it made me want to watch PRDT again.. She has a brief shower scene showing a pan-up of someone‘s body from the side, complete with butt and sideboob. But I’m fairly sure it’s only a body double. The neck-up shot a few moments later just doesn’t match up all that well. :p

After that, I passed on another movie and played some more GTA IV. I completed enough missions t o get a new safehouse, rearranged the cars in my parking spaces, drove around.. and before I knew it, it was 2AM. I had played for four hours. My dad even woke up once, then eventually went back to bed. :p

Well…. See ya.

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