prjf spoiler 1821 / pr2009 ep / today

KyL416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title and description. Episode 1821: “Race To The Nexus” will debut on July 21st.

PRJF Episode 1821 – “Race To The Nexus” – Writer: Patrick Skuel – With Control Dagger in hand, Dai Shi aims to unlock the Nexus for himself. The Over Lords refuse to let such power fall into the hands of the rangers or Dai Shi. Having searched all his life for his destiny, Dominic isn’t about to let the Over Lords, or Dai Shi stand in his way. With the help of his friends, Dominic is able to unlock the power of the Rhino Nexus.

The Aaron Stone TV series has been picked up by Jetix, with Bruce Kalish serving as Executive Producer. And then Poweranimals confirmed that Kalish is leaving Power Rangers following this season. I hope the new showrunners for the 2009 season can improve the show. Someone on that board asked if Disney or Kalish were to blame for the low quality seasons lately. I’ve been thinking it’s been some of both for a while now. I didn’t like certain aspects of Disney’s Ninja Storm or Dino Thunder either, then Kalish came along and dragged down the quality of the series even lower. So I’m hoping his departure will improve the show in some ways at least..

I stayed up a little late again.. playing GTA IV. But at least I got the entry done beforehand. I mostly just rampaged.. and found that awesome car dealership full of Turismos around the corner from my safehouse. I gots to steal some more of those later. :p ..I then awoke to alarm the next morning, got online.. and watched another movie: Cashback. I came for the nudity.. but the movie was pretty damn good on its own. That and Michelle Ryan was so hot in this. Too bad she appeared so briefly though, like two or three scenes.. and I didn’t even notice it was her until the last one. :p

My dad returned home from dialysis and we watched some Price Is Right. We haven’t been watching it all season. It’s just not the same without Bob.. I fell asleep for a bit, then my dad went for a nap as I watched H20 (nice) and Instant Star (eh it was alright). And then I connected the PS3 and played GTA IV online for a while. I should really try another game style. It’s just impossible to open your own free mode game to explore and keep the “endless killing” idiots out. I just don’t get what’s so entertaining about killing fellow players again and again. Peds, yes. But players, not so much. I was barely able to try this out before they started. I set it to one slot, so I assume only one other person can enter. But eventually, everyone’s in there screwing around.. killing me again and again. I did them in a few times myself, but only after they came at me.

I shut off the PS3 shortly after 5PM, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 7PM. We then watched The Signal, on DVD tomorrow.. with a Best Buy exclusive bonus disc. So I had to watch it and decide if I wanted to buy it. I don’t think I will.. due to the $19.99 price. But it was a great movie. I liked it a lot. My dad realized that this wasn’t his usual brand of mindless entertainment and that he would actually have to think a little in order to understand it.. and gave up on it right away. *rolls eyes* I liked it, but I don’t want to pay that much for it.. I may buy my first Blu-ray tomorrow. Wal-Mart has a selection on sale for just $15 each, and among them is Shooter and The Fifth Element. I already own them on DVD, but it was the only two I’d consider purchasing. :/

Once my dad’s Nashville Star started, I got back online. And that was about it. Except I stayed up late once again playing GTA IV. Now that I’ve figured out the whole game save thing is a lot easier on PS3, I’m looking for a 100% gamesave.. or at least one that has all islands open. I’ve only found one so far, but it’s not very far past where I am in the game right now.. See ya.

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[ Defendant’s Rights? Victim Can’t Mention Her ‘Rape’ ]
[ One In Four New Yorkers Has Herpes ]


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