Saturday 06.07.2008 —

I awoke quite early to the storm outside. Ugh. And then I watched Best Week Ever and The Soup.. while struggling to stay awake for what was to come later. My dad soon awoke too and we had some breakfast. Then I watched the first couple episodes of Instant Star (good start.. ha’s @ the new episodes on weekdays thing they’re pulling.. with only four this last week, then a rerun of those four on Monday.. followed by three new ones Tue-Thu next week :/).

I soon followed that with Spectacular Spider-Man (omfg, awesome episode.. and that ending.. whoa), Ben 10: Alien Force (eh it was alright) and Transformers Animated (great, a small-time villains team-up.. I hate this series’ original villains.. I could barely watch the whole thing without almost giving up on it, ugh). My dad realized we wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon due the storms that seem to hover over our area alone.. and won’t stop, causing serious flooding.. and headed back to bed. I watched another H2O (cool), then got online for a bit.

My dad woke up and we finally went t o Target. I had forgotten to get the DVD-Rs that were on sale that last time that I was there. Once we returned home, we watched two more Netflix selections — The Benchwarmers (ha) and The Comebacks (ew). The former one is the better of the two.. barely. Brooke Nevin’s scantily-claddedness hooked me on Comebacks.. even though just about everything else was.. not good. Once they were over, I got back online for a while. Then we soon had some supper.

I eventually pulled myself away from the computer long enough to watch Charlie Jade (eh, it was alright.. took a while to get interesting) and Doctor Who (“The Doctor’s Daughter”.. great episode.. and I smell another spin-off on the way :p least, I hope so.. she was hot). But I got online again.. and that was about it..

The rain was strange today. How it just appeared in Illinois, fell hard over Indiana (and me), then faded out over Ohio. From the time I woke up at like 6 or 7AM to nearly noon. And my dad claims he was woken up as early as 3AM due to thunder. And now there’s evacuations down south because it flooded. 😦 See ya.

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