fox fall dates / today

FOX has announced their fall schedule premiere dates already, including a slew of two-hour premieres. Said two-hour premieres include Prison Break (on September 1st), Bones (on September 3rd) and Fringe (on September 9th). Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is set to begin on September 8th. House then premieres before Fringe on September 16th. And all the Sunday night animated comedies debut on September 26th..

Thanks to two late-consumed cans of Dewmocracy (with ginseng), I stayed up a bit late online and also watched an episode of H2O.. while downloading last night’s Fear Itself. I find it so annoying that most encoders cut the end credits off. That’s part of the episodes too damnit. I’ve had to download the Spectacular Spider-Man episodes multiple times just to find ones with the credits and I’m still lacking a few with them.. I finally headed to sleep at about 2AM.

I awoke early the next morning and got online for a few hours. Then I watched DBZ Movie 1: Dead Zone (cool, the director’s commentary from my recently sold off UUSE copy is included) and Spider-Man (neat). My dad returned home from dialysis, we had some breakfast, then I got back online again for a bit. We soon watched Swingtown (hmm, better than I thought.. but I thought it was going to be crap, so..), but my dad soon had to head to bed for a nap.

Next, I watched another H2O (“Lovesick”.. heh cute episode :p), followed by DBZ Movie 2: The World’s Strongest (I enjoyed this one more.. possibly because unlike the first film, I haven’t seen it as many times.. but I still had a hard time paying attention :/). After that, my dad woke up and I played some more GTA IV. I was able to complete two more missions. Yay. Then I shut it off because supper was ready..

I got online to news-gather. I finished up online by 7:30.. and quickly got bored. But at 8PM, we watched The Andromeda Strain 2008 A&E mini-series. The low production values are soon apparent, and the story took a little while to get started.. but it is like a 3-hour movie without commercials. But the story was pretty good. The government cover-up elements were cool. It even ended like an X-Files mythology episode or something. :p I liked it a lot. Just not enough to purchase. If only this was a big-screen blockbuster remake.. then I probably would have..

And that’s about it.. Except my copy of the Power Rangers Zeo DVD shipped from Germany today. Yay. Can’t wait for two weeks’ time.. when I’ll probably still be waiting. :p ..See ya..

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