prjf spoiler 20 / dbz s6 & df3 date / get smart s1 retail / today

KyL416 has now revealed the spoiler description for Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode 1820: “Dash For The Dagger”, set to debut on July 14th.. in case you forgot in the last 24 hours. :p And at least this description seems to be written a little better than the last one. 🙂

PRJF Episode 1820 – “Dash For The Dagger” – Writer: Sofia Sprittey – Jarrod has found the Rhino Nexus. All he needs is the control dagger key to tap into the power. Dominic is startled by a dream of Master Mao telling him to protect the control dagger as it holds the key to his destiny. The race is on for the dagger as everyone is after it. Camille gets hold of the dagger and brings it to Jarrod. The winds of fate are about to change.

AnimeOnDVD has some tentative FUNimation release dates for this coming September. As I expected, Dragon Ball Z: Season Six & the Dragon Ball Z: Double Feature 3: Movies 3 & 4 steelbook are both expected that month. Both are currently set for September 16th, alongside a new Shin Chan release and.. Dragon Ball GT: Season One. But since they state it’s a “box set”, may be its just a new collection of volumes..? I mean, DBZ isn’t done yet. It still has at least two or three more “seasons” after the 6th. :/ ..And here we go with the usual September pile-on release date. Every year in September, there seems to be one date where everything I’m interested in picking up must be released. I’m now up to five (possibly six) on this date. Ugh.. The list doesn’t mention TMNT 2k3: Season 2, Part 1, also a FUNimation release, which is likely to be released on September 2nd.

After nearly two years, Get Smart is finally heading to your local DVD stores. Since late 2006, Time Life has been offering a Complete Series DVD set through phone and online orders only, with the first season going for $39.99. But on August 5th, the 4-disc Get Smart: Season 1 will arrive on DVD shelves for a retail price of just $24.95. All special features from the Time Life edition have been stripped away (a whole disc’s worth), hence the lower price. Ugh. -_- I really want to see these again (I watched them on Nick at Nite a long time ago). And the lower retail price helps my purchase decision, but the lack of special features sure doesn’t. And I don’t want to pay nearly twice as much just for those special features. Bastards. *pouts* 😦

I awoke in the morning and got online. After some TV, I managed to take over the TV and watch Mind of Mencia (haha), Spider-Man (*crosses fingers for Black Cat in Spidey 4*) and Greek (wow, two Power Rangers Time Force alums in one episode — Erin Cahill and Micheal Copon.. very good episode too). And then I watched the remaining two episodes of DBZ Season 5 (nice).

After that was taken care of, I played GTA IV for about three hours. But it seemed a lot shorter though. After failing a mission or two, I just rampaged.. discovered that I could save vehicles in front of Playboy X’s place.. and worked to get into the Statue of Happiness. After many round trips from the hospital to helitours and back to the statue, I finally made it inside and saw the heart of Liberty City. It was kind of creepy really. A huge heart chained up above you, beating. I tried to shoot it with a rocket, hoping something cool would happen, but I only ended up dead and back at the hospital. Damn. :/

I shut off the PS3 shortly after 5PM, then got online to news-gather. The connection was being especially retarded at this point, so I was forced to shut off utorrent. Damnit.. We had some supper, then I finished up online close to 7:30PM.. After watching so many movies lately, I’ve sorta been.. movie’d out.. but I went on ahead and watched another Netflix selection — The Brothers Solomon. Funny movie.. but also very strange at the same time. Ha’s @ the opening credits with them all looking at the credits. :p ..After that, we watched the premiere episode of the horror anthology series Fear Itself. Wow. Great show. Looking forward to next week’s episode already..

And that’s about it. Except I’m downloading too many movies. And the bonus rentals I’ve gotten through Netflix making me get three discs at once twice now. Now that DBZ‘s pretty much done, I wonder if I should start on one of my many unwatched TV series on DVD.. or take an all-GTA IV break. Hmm.. See ya.

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