prjf title 20 / sarah connor back art / today

Kyl416 has rev– oh wait, no he hasn’t. Just because someone was being impatient and asked for the info, Kyl acted all immature and decided not to reveal the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title and description. But a few days later, BurgundyRanger came to the rescue and was nice enough to reveal the title. Episode 1820: “Dash For The Dagger” will debut on July 14th at 8PM ET. *immediately thinks of a certain dagger from the past* :p

TVShowsOnDVD now has the back cover art for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Complete First Season on DVD & Blu-ray. I was hoping for the image of Cameron’s nude torso would be on the front, like with the UK cover art. But I guess Warner wussed out. The image is featured on this back cover art instead. :p

I awoke at 4:30AM and finished up the previous entry. Blah. Firefox is starting to piss me off. After every disconnect, it refuses to load anymore websites until I restart the damn thing. Grrr.. I then transferred something to VHS.. and fell asleep until my dad returned home from dialysis. Damnit. I was wanting to watch a movie.. that I don’t feel like watching in front of him.. 😦

We watched some TV, then I got online for a while. I watched three more episodes of DBZ Season 5 (damn, two left already), then my dad and I went to Target. I got all three Dewmocracy flavors in 12-packs this time, along with my usual Code Red. We wanted to go somewhere else, but it was too damn hot out. That’s what happens when it rains a lot.. then the sun comes out to make the world a steaming oven. I got a watermelon icee (yum), then we headed back home instead.

I played GTA IV for a while, playing a few missions then rampaging across the new island. I stole a helicopter from the helitours place.. then crashlanded iit on top of the game’s equivalent of Times Square and fell to my death. Then I ended up on a barge shooting cops and their helicopters out of the sky. I soon discovered it was more fun shooting the pilots and watching them fall out than just blow the whole thing up. :p ..I shut it off a bit past 5PM, then had another crappy supper. I soon got online to news-gather, then finished up online close to 7PM.

Next, I went to the bedroom DVR and watched Day Break (wow @ how all these loose ends from the series so far are now coming together.. this may be worth a DVD purchase.. rather than a download.. hmm.. looking forward to Sunday’s series finale). At 8PM, we soon watched a couple more movie — Witless Protection (eh, I thought Health Inspector was better.. I was laughing here, but also looking forward to it being over :p) and Mama’s Boy (I loved this film.. I really identified with the title character.. and Anna Faris was cute.. the mom’s boyfriend vs son scenes reminded me of a more mature version of Mr Woodcock.. though I’ve never really see n that film.. and unlike that film, I’d like to own this one in my collection 🙂 ).

After that, I returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

[ Mountain Spewed Concrete Pieces ‘Like Toothpaste’ – Did Underground Nuclear Blast Cause China Quake? ]
[ Bush Renditions Even Uglier Than Imagined ]
[ US Maintains Fleet of Torture Prison Ships ]
[ Bush Disapproval Makes Gallup History ]
[ Agreement Lets US Strike Any Country From Iraq ]
[ Obama Tells AIPAC – War To Stop Iran Nukes ]
[ McCain – ‘I’d Spy On Americans Secretly, Too’ ]
[ Clinton To Concede Race On Saturday ]
[ Choice In November – Nader Vs Twiddle Dee Or Twiddle Dum ]
[ Teen Nude Cell Phone Pics Spread Like Wildfire ]


2 Responses to “prjf title 20 / sarah connor back art / today”

  1. aresef Says:

    I’ve actually seen the episode descriptions through episode 29 or so. Trust me. You’re not missing much.

  2. celiloquy Says:

    Jeez, if that’s “impatient”, I’d hate to see “demanding”. There would probably be an EXCLAMATION POINT or something, for god’s sake.

    Is Chris Funaro still involved in Funaroboard?

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