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Click the corresponding retailers for their ads for the week of June 8th to 14th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Circuit City has a slightly-lower-than-expected price for the Jumper: Two-Disc Special Edition — $21.99. The others have it for $22.99. Wal-Mart will have a comic book with the 1-disc edition.. Best Buy will have an exclusive 2-disc edition of The Signal for $19.99. Circuit City will have a selection of $7.99 DVD titles where, if you buy two, you get two free tickets to M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening. I’m considering it because the selection includes both Transporter films. But they’re probably those new-fangled online movie cash that you must print yourself.. and I don’t have a working printer. So I’d have to spend time and money printing them up at the library. :/

TVShowsOnDVD now has a press release for Supernatural: The Complete Third Season. It will include over an hour of special features, including “Ghostfacers! Confessionals” minifeaturettes, featurettes on the Impala and the special effects, as well as a gag reel. And the DVD release will also include a Digital Copy of all 16 episodes..

Fox has issued a press release announcing that the The Simpsons has been picked up for a 20th season, tieing it with Gunsmoke as the longest-running primetime TV series of all time. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online, then burned a few data DVDs. But I soon got ready and we went out to media buy…

First, we headed to the bank, where I withdrew enough for my dad’s bullshit. Ugh. At this point, it started to rain. I then went to Best Buy and picked up Semi-Pro, The Eye and Now 28. I was going to get Happy Gilmore just to get the free ticket and preview DVD. But then I changed my mind and got the two copies of the preview DVD for free. It includes a look at the new films Incredible Hulk & Wanted.. as well as the 5th season premiere episode of the Hulk TV series. :p ..I headed over to Circuit City and got another USB drive for the PS3. The Sony MicroVaults must be discontinued, because there was a closeout on them. $13.99 for 2GB (what I got), $8.99 for 1GB. And there’s a few higher ones in the ad as well.. I moved on to Borders, saw they stiill didn’t have the Death Note manga stocked well (ugh), and only got a magazine. And I refuse to buy Vol 8 from B&N due to their harder-to-remove-without-damaging security stickers..

I got an icee, then headed to the grocery store. We both got some things, then headed home.. I got online, then eventually watched three more episodes of DBZ Season 5 and another Spider-Man. Then I spent about an hour exploring the newly-opened island, visiting places on the map so that they would appear on the in-game map. But when I returned home, I found that both my cars were gone from my safehouse.. so I didn’t save. More time wasted..

We had some crappy supper because my dad’s too lazy to actually cook anything.. and I’m too lazy to do the same.. then I got online to inventory the new discs and to news-gather. At 9PM, we watched Moment of Truth, followed by a couple more episodes of Journeyman (I really liked this show.. I’m gonna miss it). I then returned to my room for the night.. and that was about it..

We’ve been getting a lot of severe storms around here lately. With lots of rain and tornados. Strange.. See ya.

[ Bush Spends $500 Billion In Iraq – Americans Left Behind ]
[ Bardot Convicted Of Racism For Writing Truth ]
[ Courageous Brigitte Bardot Fined $23,000 For ‘Hate’ ]
[ Videos: HAARP CBC Broadcast: Weather Control Part 1 & Part 2 ]
[ Clinton Wins Big In SD – Obama Wins Nomination ]
[ Mrs Obama ‘Hate Whitey’ Tape To Give Hillary The Nod? ]
[ Oz TV Tells Kids To Suicide For Gaia’s Sake ]
[ USDA Still Hasn’t Funded Bee Research ]
[ World Food Production Must Rise 50% – UN ]
[ EU – Lift Mad Cow Ban To Feed The Poor ]
[ Probe – NASA Distorted Climate Findings ]
[ More About the Patch Under Mars Phoenix Lander ]
[ Wise Decision – How I Spent My Stimulus Check ]


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