Sunday 06.01.2008 — new month, same bullshit

I had fallen asleep too early again last night. Ugh. I got online to finish it, then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. We had some breakfast, then I took over the TV and watched Shin Chan (lol), Bleach (yeah, a bit better than I thought it would be), Code Geass (great show), Death Note (awesome episode), Witchblade (cool), NOW: Classic Rock (VH1 Classic rolls out another hour-long commercial for Tuesday’s compilation CD.. I gave up on it early and moved on to..) and three more episodes of DBZ Season 5 (great episodes.. though I really wanted to get them over with so I could have more time on..).

Next, I played GTA IV for about two hours. I finished another mission, then retrieved a few cars. Oh, and I also discovered the awesomeness of the Patriot (aka Hummer). *rams cars and watches them roll* :p ..But at 1:30, my dad’s race started.. so I shut off the PS3 and got back online.

I then went to the bedroom DVR and watched Sarah Jane Chronicles (sad this is leaving the schedule 😦 ), Doctor Who (very good episode) and Battlestar Galactica (this series once again perfects the art of making exciting events incredibly boring :p). We had some supper, then my dad took off outside.. so I wasn’t able to watch a movie. Instead, I played GTA IV for another few hours. :p

Well.. see ya.

[ Fulford – Dawn Of New America & World Freedom? ]
[ Stimulus Pack For Pentagon – War Abroad, Poverty Home ]
[ Psycho Bush – 4,000+ US Dead Laid ‘Foundation For Peace’ ]
[ Middle Class Squeeze? No – Middle Class Extinction ]
[ Video: HAARP – The NWO’s Ultimate Weapon ]
[ Video: HAARP – Nature Modification Weapon ]
[ Video: HAARP Technology ]
[ Makow – Was Hitler Just A Pawn? ]
[ Antidepressants Said OK For Fetuses – Huh?! ]
[ Mars Probe Finds Ice ]


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