Saturday 05.31.2008 —

I awoke in the morning, finished up the previous entry, then watched Best Week Ever (lol) and The Soup (lol). Then I got on the computer and burned some CDs. But I finished those in time to watch The Spectacular Spider-Man (awesome episode.. and next week looks even awesomer, can’t wait), Ben 10: Alien Force (not bad), Transformers Animated (eh it was okay) and three more episodes of DBZ Season 5 (I was actually bored during these for some reason.. for the most part anyway).

My dad and I then fit in three movies during the afternoon. Coool. First up was another Netflix selection — Awake. I liked this one a lot more than I thought I would. Wished I had purchased it that day instead of changing my mind now. :p Then I watched Meet The Spartans: Unrated. Utter crap. I was expecting bad after Date Movie and Epic Movie.. but this was a whole new level of horrible. Eugh. Definitely not buying this on Tuesday. My dad was wise enough to get outta there once it started. Wish I did too. Though Carmen Electra in a black Spidey suit was kinda hot.. And we followed that up with Vantage Point. The story repeating six times was rather annoying, but the ending where all the.. vantage points intersected was cool. But it was too late. I was waiting for it to be over. I doubt I’ll buy this DVD in a few weeks either..

I got back online, listened to one of said burned CDs and eventually had some supper. And then the internet disconnected again. But this time, it wouldn’t come back. I once again had to reboot the whole computer just to get it working again. *sigh* I eventually got away from the computer long enough to head t o the bedroom DVR and watch Day Break (now I’m caught up.. until tomorrow :p ..great episode, definitely considering a DVD purchase) and two episodes of Naruto (now I’m caught up.. until about an hour before I started watching these :p).

And that’s about it, I guess.. See ya.

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