pr 2009 & krdk update / pr zeo dvd ships / smallville & office extras / today

Poweranimals has some good news and bad news for the Power Rangers fandom.. depending on how you look at it, I guess. He’s posted an AIM chat log of a conversation with one of his sources. They reveal that the sentai-cloned idea for next year’s season, Power Rangers R.P.M. is now out the window due to it sounding too much like fellow Disney property Cars.. and maybe it’s due to Speed Racer‘s failure at the box office? They’re now trying to come up with a new plotline.. They also reveal that Toei are the ones wanting the PR seasons be the same as the sentai seasons storywise. Ugh. And that Cartoon Network did not pick up Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, explaining its start date delay from fall 2008 to 2009. It’s already filmed its whole first season of 40 episodes, and Adness will be shopping it around to other networks. 😦

After a short delay, the German Power Rangers Zeo DVD sets have arrived in America in record time. Some have already posted pictures of the new boxed set, which is now in a overlapped discs digipak case instead of those cool thin cases that the first three seasons came in. 😦 But I suppose it’s what’s inside that counts.. And I’ll be ordering mine on Tuesday. :p

TVShowsOnDVD has posted Warner’s press release for Smallville: The Complete Seventh Season on DVD & Blu-ray. Cool. Unaired scenes, featurettes, commentaries.. a comic book? Hmm.. The site also has new details for The Office: Season Four DVD. The Office Convention footage sounds interesting, as does the “Second Life” footage. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. Er, all morning.. pretty much. The Spider-Man 1994 Complete Series torrent finally finished. Yay.. We went to the grocery store and I spent the rest of my money (until Tuesday) on more of the new Mt Dew flavors. Yup, I think I like Voltage the most. I was surprised to see the three in 12-packs already. I wonder if there’s 2-liters as well..

We returned home, and after some time online, I watched Greek (pretty good episode, though broken glasses in need of fixing didn’t help my viewing.. I did see that Power Rangers Time Force‘s Erin Cahill is in next Monday’s episode as a bridesmaid though.. cool πŸ™‚ ), Mind of Mencia (it just hasn’t been as funny this season so far.. then he actually poked fun at Heath Ledger in this episode -_-), Spider-Man (heh, got behind again) and three more episodes of DBZ Season 5 (coool.. may think about expanding it back to four episodes a day).

After all that, it was already nearing 5PM. So I got online to news-gather.. and find a video codec. Some AVI files lately haven’t been able to play in WMP, but they do in VLC. So I found out which codec was needed and installed it. Then instead of just the audio and visualization crap, I now have a scrunched picture in the middle of the screen. Ugh. Getting close, I guess.. We had some fast food for supper yet again, then I tried to burn a disc and failed. Why doesn’t Roxio have the audio/data disc option like Nero? Now I’ve got to find free software that does that. Grr..

So at 8PM, I had forgotten all about the Lost finale just because I hadn’t set a DVRing for it. I was planning to watch a movie. Heh. So we watched the first episode of Journeyman (hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have downloaded and burned the whole series to data DVD since Fox is usually all TV DVD crazy.. but then again.. where’s John Doe? *shakes fist* .. *adds torrent*). After that, I watched the Lost finale. Awesome. The island moved. Whoa. And I really wasn’t expecting them to go home this soon. This really makes me wonder what the format will be for next season now..

I got online for a while, then really late at night.. the cable goes out. Both TV and internet. The TV went out, came back one, then shut off and came back on again.. but the internet stayed off that whole time. Strange. 😦

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2 Responses to “pr 2009 & krdk update / pr zeo dvd ships / smallville & office extras / today”

  1. celiloquy Says:

    Oh. You mean there will be a PR 2009?

    … I can’t explain it, but that kind of disappoints me. JF being the last season kind of gave it a bittersweet feeling.

    “God, this is so good! Oh, damn fate for having this be the last series! But it is not to be! But at least it’s going out with a bang!”

    But, now… it’s just another good series (so far). And that’s kind of sucky.

  2. koulagirl666 Says:

    On codecs – I had a lot of luck getting things to work with FFDShow, which after configuration can play most anything in WMP.

    You might also need to go download the DivX codec at

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