dvd ads jun 1-6 / avatar s3 set / transformers blu / vh1 already loves 00s / today

Click the corresponding retailers for their ads for the week of June 1st to 6th: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. Semi-Pro & The Eye will both be available in 2-disc editions for $22.99 across the board. Still don’t know if I should get both, or one or the other. :/ ..The craptacular Meet The Spartans is also out this week, with the lowest price being at Circuit City – $13.99.. with free T-shirt! I’m considering it.. even though I’ve sorta already downloaded a DVD rip.. *hides from MPAA* ..Best Buy will be offering a selection of catalog titles for $6.99 with free movie cash to Incredible Hulk and an exclusive Incredible Hulk / Hellboy II / Wanted / Mummy 3 Preview DVD. Cool. Not sure if the movie cash here may be good for the other films, since Circuit City has a similar deal (but without bonus DVD) claiming the movie cash is good toward all films featured on Best Buy’s preview DVD. Hmm..

Paramount has set the Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 3 Collection 5-disc DVD set for release on September 19th. Check out this link for a look at the awesome cover art. I really want to get the season sets eventually, but I’m just unable to get them in September when a lot of other TV DVD releases are set for release as well. At least I’ve been noticing the regular price on the first season slowing dropping. My Target now has it for just $39.99..

Paramount has also announced the September 2nd Blu-ray Disc release of Transformers. The 2-disc set is said to feature a brand new HD encode of the film to take advantage of Blu-ray’s larger disc capacity. It will also feature quite a few HD featurettes.. TVShowsOnDVD also claims a couple “cash-in” DVD re-releases of the film are expected on that date as well, a 1-disc DVD with Optimus Prime mask and a 2-disc DVD with transforming Megatron packaging. :/

VH1 is at it again. They can’t wait for the decade to end to make another “I Love The…” series, so on June 23rd begins the eight-year/part series I Love The New Millennium. Two of the eight installments will debut each night through June 26th, covering the pop culture moments of the years 2000 to 2007. I very much hope it’s more than just Best Week Ever segments. :p

I wasn’t able to sleep until nearly 5AM. First, I stayed awake making sure a torrent completed without disconnection. It seems to be working better than it did yesterday, only disconnecting 2 or 3 times so far. Then I realized maybe I shouldn’t have drank so much of the new Mt Dew flavors. All three have ginseng after all. And after trying all three, I think Voltage will win. It has the sharpest flavor and tastes the most like an energy drink, which people who aren’t me seem to like. :p

I eventually slept until about 9AM, then got back online for a while. I then watched the latest two episodes of Power Rangers Jungle Fury back-to-back — “Ghost Of A Chance” I & II. As mentioned before, I fell asleep about halfway through Part 2, so I missed some of the episode. Their new suits were awesome. As was the final scene with Fran. Heehee. Hope to see it continued a bit next episode though.

My dad woke up, then we watched the season finale of Ellen. Soon after the news started though, I got back online for a bit. I returned to the living room to find my dad sleeping. So I took over the TV and watched the first three episodes of DBZ Season 5 (great start.. Cell is most likely my second favorite saga, behind Freiza), then played GTA IV for a few hours. I was finally lucky enough to beat that mission that I had failed 24983495 times (by being able to corner the guy’s car and go to town on it), and the one after that. Then I went out with friends and rampaged for the rest of the time. The hospital does make a good standoff base. Should do that again sometime..

I shut off the game at about 5PM, then got online to news-gather. We had some supper, listened some some mp3s, then I finished up online by 7PM. I then went to the bedroom DVR and watched two more episodes of Naruto (yay, almost caught up). Then since there was nothing on TV, my dad and I watched a Netflix selection — 27 Dresses. I heard good things so I wanted to see it. It wasn’t bad. Basic light romantic comedy fare.. And after that, we watched a CSI NY rerun.

I got online and soon found a recent episode of Passions being streamed. W. T. F. And I watched the show for years.. but.. wtf. Theresa’s suddenly Ugly Betty with a big poof of hair, glasses and some fake jagged teeth.. while Vincent (played by Power Rangers Wild Force‘s own Philip Jeanmarie) is trying to take over Sheridan’s life by only using a wig and some make-up.. W. T. F. For once, NBC actually dodged a bullet with a cancellation.. See ya.

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  1. campuschris Says:

    Dunno if I ever mentioned it to you, but there is a website that is big on streaming tv shows… well, there are a bunch really but I only know of a few. http://www.surfthechannel.com Just go up to “channels” on the top right and select tv (or movies or anime, whichever floats your boat). I’ve been using it to watch scrubs. =D Used to use it for Bleach mostly, but after noticing the tv section, I’ve gotten kinda hooked. =D

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