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Kyl416 has revealed the next Power Rangers Jungle Fury episode title and description.. and whoever wrote the latter certainly did not do a good job. Episode 1819: “Path Of The Rhino” will likely debut on July 7th.

PRJF Episode 1819 – “Path Of The Rhino” – Writer: Nico Manley – Dominic was sent out by Master Mao to find purpose for his life. He finds out that RJ and the others are really Power Rangers and he wants to join them. He now knows that this is his purpose in life. Casey is dubious but Dominic proves he has the spirit of the Rhino. Dominic becomes the Rhino Ranger.

The DVD release of The Office: Season 4 has been officially announced by NBC Universal, and its now set to arrive in stores a week earlier than first thought. All 19 episodes (or 14 if you count the double-length episodes as one) will have the SRP of $49.98 and be released on September 2nd. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online to finish up yesterday’s entry. Then we got ready and soon headed out to media buy…

First, I headed to FYE and sold off all 7 volumes of Robotech Remastered (I only liked Macross anyway.. and even that wasn’t all that much) as well the original TMNT live action movie (the old cardboard case version that I’ve since replaced with a plastic-cased version). I got a bit more than I expected. Then I hurried to Best Buy and picked up DBZ Season 5 & DBZ Double Feature 2 for $45. Yay. On our way back home, I picked up an icee and also found that the three Dewmocracy flavors were out already, nearly a week early. Cool. So I had to get one of each. :p

Upon returning home, we sorta watched Ellen. I then got pissed off once again by my connection shutting off due to utorrent. It must’ve happened like 20-30 times today. The connection drops out, then I replug the modem. Again and again and again. Not to mention that the connection, or possibly the irremovable malware, is making it impossible to open certain websites now (on both Firefox & IE). Including a few news-gathering sites and my DVD collection site. And the connection won’t stay on long enough to download AVG. It just keeps getting better and better..

I gave up on all that crap and watched.. the new E! reality shows Denise Richards: It’s Complicated & Living Lohan… I gave up on both about halfway through and deleted them from the DVR. Don’t know I recorded them in the first place. Reality shows suck.. I then watched last week’s Greek (very good episode), then returned to my room. I shut off utorrent so I could stay connected. I news-gathered (with the sites I could reach anyway), then had some Taco Bell for supper.

I then was able to download and install AVG Free. It seems better than I remember it on my old computer. Hmm. It even found stuff that PC-cillin didn’t. While it was scanning, I watched an episode of Day Break (wow, great episode.. but why did TVOne skip a week just for a Memorial Day marathon the next day? :/). The scan was able to get rid of everything after a reboot. The rundll errors upon startup were annoying, but a lot less annoying than the malware itself. And I’m able to view those websites again. Yay.

In primetime, we watched the season finale of According To Jim (haha), followed by the summer premiere of Moment of Truth (I feel dirty) and the season finale of Bones (another one forgotten on the DVR.. great episode though). It wasn’t until I returned to my computer that I realized that Firefox still isn’t loading the pages as fast as it used to. Sites and images take forever to load sometimes, other sites load incorrectly. And a connection dialog box sometimes comes up, as if I had lost my connection when I actually hadn’t.

As soon one problem is solved, another rises to take its place. Always. -_- See ya..

[ Silverstein’s Big Score – Who Destroyed The WTC? ]
[ US Military Officers Challenge Official 911 Story ]
[ Bush ‘Plans Iran Air Strike By August’ ]
[ Video: RFK Jr – ‘They Are Destroying The Constitution’ ]
[ Video: UK Police State Gets Alien Payback ]
[ Weather Warfare – Quite Real, Quite Deadly ]
[ Widespread Child Sex Abuse By UN Peacekeepers ]
[ Insider – CIA Murdered JFK Mistress ]
[ FBI – Flaming Object Passes In Front Of Jetliner ]


4 Responses to “prjf spoiler 19 / office s4 date / media / today”

  1. campuschris Says:

    Ok, in my experience… the loss of internet connection due to peer 2 peer programs like bittorrent can be caused by 2 things.

    A) virus or worm. Very very easily taken care of by downloading either AVG or avast! and removing it. Problem solved

    B) too many connections. Either you are downloading too many things, or too many people are trying to connect to you. It happens a lot with BT and limewire. You just get so many people trying to connect to you at once, to download the file you have, that it bogs down your modem and it goes splat.

  2. campuschris Says:

    btw, if you are having probs with websites still- did you try spyware stuff? Now that you got rid of the viruses, go download Adaware or something like that and run that. That should take care of the last bits of nasty on your ‘puter. Once that is done, everything should run just fine. 🙂

  3. sonicalpha Says:

    Got to second “B.” It happens on occasion on my main box when I’ve had bittorrent running all day.

    Check my software post, and download (from a friend if possible) “Avast!”, “CCleaner”, “Adaware”, and “Spybot.”

    If you haven’t got a firewall already, I suggest “ZoneAlarm.”

    All have free versions available, and are fantastic 🙂

  4. prometheusufo Says:

    What’s weird is that I don’t think I have enough torrents going. Like just now, I had two torrents going. I started a third and the other two sped up. :p And then it seems to disconnect more often when I leave the connection alone and leave the room. :/

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