Sunday 05.25.2008 —

I awoke in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. I doubt I’ll be able get enough money out of these DVDs to get what I nee- want anyway. 😦 ..We had a crappy breakfast, then I took over the TV and watched Shin Chan (lol), Bleach (hmm, a little better than I was expecting), Code Geass (it was alright), Death Note (another great episode), Witchblade (wow) and Transformers Animated (ha @ the constructicons acting like stereotypical construction workers :p).

My dad took off as I watched three more episodes of Oban Star-Racers (ooh, getting really good now.. hoping to fit in the last five episodes tomorrow). My dad returned.. and went to his room to listen to the Indy 500 race.. when I remembered telling him I had wanted to watch the sequel movie today. I even had it loaded and waiting. I took it back out once he pulled that bullshit though and got online for a bit. I’ve been accidentally keeping the computer monitor on too much again and it’s starting to act up. Everything onscreen does not look nice in purple..

I went to the living room to watch an episode of Spider-Man, but returned to my room soon after.. I got online for quite a while, mostly dealing with my utorrent-related connection problems. I need to open a port all of a sudden just to keep torrenting. I never had this problem on the previous computer (on the same cable modem). So it keeps disconnecting and I must keep unplugging/plugging the modem to reconnect. It’s as if I’m meant to suffer in this life. Ever single thing goes wrong. And when I’m if I’m able to fix them, other things come up. It’s inescapable.

I soon went to the bedroom DVR and watched Supernatural (I can’t believe I didn’t get around to watching the season finale until now either.. wow @ that ending, great episode) and the May 10th episodes of Naruto (cool.. now I’m only four episodes behind :p)..

My dad soon went to bed and I set some new DVR recordings. I can’t believe Nickelodeon’s sudden persistence to get H20: Just Add Water over with. Two back-to-back new episodes were scheduled today and now there’s going to be four more new episodes Tuesday through Friday at 7PM too. And there’s two more next Sunday, taking them up to episode 20 by that point. That leaves just six more to go. I’ve sorta downloaded both seasons already though. But I’m transferring them to tape for some reason too. :p

Damn. That weekend went by so fast.. and I surely wasn’t having fun. The world makes sure of that.. See ya.

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