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NBC has announced their fall premiere dates. Heroes returns on Monday September 22nd, with a clip show and a two-hour premiere. Looks like they moved it back a week.. The new Knight Rider series premieres on September 24th, with one-hour premieres of My Name Is Earl & The Office following on September 25th. Chuck & My Own Worst Enemy will then debut on each side of a new Heroes on September 29th. 🙂 Crusoe, which sounds a little like a Lost ripoff (flashbacks), will have a two-hour series premiere on October 17th..

Warner has finally announced the DVD & Blu-ray release of Pushing Daisies: The Complete First Season. The 3-disc sets will include all nine episodes and a featurette for only $29.98 in DVD or $39.98 in Blu..

Now here’s a first: the Supernatural: The Complete Third Season DVD will include digital copies of the complete season. Ha. :p

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit. Then we watched some morning TV and had some breakfast. But not long after that, I got back online.. and my dad left. He’s visiting my aunt way far away and will be gone all day… I returned to the living room and watched Spider-Man (eh..) and three more episodes of Oban Star-Racers (awesome.. except when the PS3 remote started acting like a controller out of nowhere 😦 ).

After some more time online, I then got online with GTA IV.. and played free mode from 1PM to 6PM. As I was shutting it off, my dad returned home with some fast food for supper. I returned to my room and found myself unable to reconnect to the internet. Fucking awesome. I tried again and again for nearly an hour, disconnecting and reconnecting. Then I rebooted the damn computer and everything was fine. Thanks for getting me seriously behind on news-gathering, piece of crap. -_-

And in the process of rebooting, that malware has found Firefox and is starting to fuck with it too. PC-cillin can do nothing about the damn thing and the PC blocks me from deleting it myself. Certain websites that used to load fine now won’t load at all, just like IE did. *sigh* 😦

So at 8PM, I watched Greek (5/12 episode.. i’m a little behind :p ..good episode). Then we watched the two-part season finale of House (great episodes.. but just a bit more on the former than the latter though.. the DVR screwed up the recording on part 2, so I downloaded both and put the files onto DVD and the PS3 played them fine.. yay), followed by The Soup (lol). Then I returned to my room for the night.

See ya. Well, I should anyway..

[ FBI Files Indict Bush, Cheney As War Criminals ]
[ House Eyes Phony Pentagon Iraq War News ]
[ Open Borders Prove ‘War On Terror’ A FRAUD ]
[ Govt Core Database Tracks ‘Enemies Of The State’ ]
[ Unraveling And Demise Of Adolescent America ]
[ Video: Prof Finkelstein Rips The Holocaust Industry ]
[ Prof Norman Finkelstein Arrested In Israel! ]
[ Fuel Costs Force Ford To Cut Production ]
[ UK Gas Stations Use ‘Stingers’ To Combat Theft ]
[ Video: Fuel Costs May Force 4-Day Work Week In Long Island ]
[ Video: US Truckers Protest Deadly Diesel Prices ]
[ Shell CEO Admits Record Oil Not Due To Shortage ]
[ Video: More Amazing Software Rolling Out ]
[ Mystery Dogs Shot In Pack Attack In Indiana ]
[ Spirit The Robot Finds Signs Of Martian Life ]


3 Responses to “nbc fall dates / pushing daisies s1 / supernatural digital / today”

  1. sonicalpha Says:

    You need to drop PC-cillin, it’s rubbish (I had it years ago).

    Use “Avast!” It’s free, and pretty damn amazing.

    Also look into some spyware scanners.

    I made a post on free software, you might want to check it out 🙂


  2. cassius335 Says:

    *pokes nose in* Avast!, huh? Tthink I’ll give that a try myself…

  3. campuschris Says:

    Good, free antiviruses- AVAST!, AVG (I use both. Avast on my vista partition, AVG on my XP partition)

    Good, free Anti-spyware- Adaware, Windows Spyware tool, few others

    Good, free Firewall- Zonealarm (the best I’ve found)

    Get 1 antivirus, 1 firewall, and as many spyware removers as you can find. 🙂

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