Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of May 25th to 31st: Best Buy, Target & Circuit City. The new Rambo movie’s out this week, but I’m not getting it. I do however wish to get Dragon Ball Z: Seasson 5 & Dragon Ball Z Double Feature – Movie 1: Dead Zone / Movie 2: The World’s Strongest. Best Buy has the season for $39.99 and the movies for $19.99, but purchase them together on the same reciept and get them for only $45. 🙂 But thanks to Amazon Germany, I no longer have enough money. Finally time to sell Robotech Remastered, I guess.. Also, the CG anime film Vexille was released today (Tuesday), but Best Buy has it on sale next week.. for $15.99. :p

I had the whole entry for May 20th written out.. and then I lost it.. Fucking awesome.

My one and only media buy this week:

Best Buy and Target didn’t have the new TMNT 2k3 release for some reason. The Best Buy guy said “online only”, while the Target lady recommended that I try again tomorrow. 😦

……….yeah, this sucks.

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[ NASA Sponsors Course On How To Talk To Aliens ]


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