Saturday 05.17.2008 —

I ended up stayed up until nearly 4AM online. Webcam chats are getting a little addictive. :p ..I then woke up nearly an hour before the time I had set the alarm for — 8AM. :/ We watched some MadTV reruns for about two hours, then I took over the TV and watched Spectacular Spider-Man (omg awesome.. hands down my favorite episode so far, and the first one I feel like watching again before the next new episode.. Black Cat was played very well — and sexy — by Battlestar Galactica‘s Tricia Helfer.. hope she appears again very soon.. I was surprised by how many of her sexual innuendos got by BS&P — “My kitty sense is purring.” “Try not to get your goop in my hair.” :p), Ben 10: Alien Force (I was ready to stop watching after this one.. but this episode was a little above the average set so far, so I’ll give it another shot.. too bad next week’s a rerun already) and Transformers Animated (it was alright).

After I got my dad to stop bitching about his damn money problems long enough, we watched My Name Is Earl (ha, good finale), The Office (great finale.. aw @ a moment ruined 😦 ..but omg @ the ending lol) and The Soup (lol). Once my dad went off somewhere, I played a few hours of GTA IV. After failing a mission a few more times.. I frustratingly gave up and rampaged instead. lol @ what awaits you if you leave the game area. Someone said they received a warning, then their helicopter blew up. I went out in a boat, and after quite a while, I reached the edge. When you reach a certain point, the map in the corner begins flashing red as bits of your health begin to be taken away from you. And then I died. :p

At 5PM, I shut it off and got online for a while. We had some supper, then I soon pulled myself away from the computer long enough to get to the bedroom DVR and watch Samantha Who? (eh it was alright), CSI (great episode.. but omfg @ the ending O_O ..even though I was expecting it because everything was just way too upbeat in the scene before it) and Day Break (got a little behind on this too.. another pretty good episode 🙂 ). I got back online.. and that was about it..?

See ya.

[ Makow – Illuminati Murdered At Least Two Other Presidents ]
[ Hospitalized Kennedy Had No Stroke Say Docs ]
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[ US Soldier – Iraq War A ‘Crime Against Humanity’ ]
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[ Kids Even Admit Video Games DO Cause Violence ]
[ An Epidemic Of Extinctions Underway ]
[ Astronomers Baffled By Bizarre Star ]
[ UFOs On Today Show – With Asinine Debunk Effort ]
[ Dead Woman Found In Front Of TV After 42 Years ]


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