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ABC has announced their fall 2008 schedule. Eli Stone is back (somehow), as is Pushing Daisies (yay). The US version of Life On Mars will temporarily take on Lost‘s Thursday timeslot after Ugly Betty & Grey’s Anatomy. I’m interested in checking that out, even though I lost interest in the original UK version (on BBC America) rather quickly.. Scrubs is nowhere in the schedule, but is mentioned in the press release. :/

The CW has also announced their fall 2008 schedule. Smallville, Supernatural and Gossip Girl are all set to return, of course. 90210 has landed the Tuesday 8PM ET timeslot. Sorta disappointed to see that Aliens In America didn’t make the cut, but at least Reaper did.. barely. It returns mid-season..

Zach Braff posted to his MySpace blog, confirming that the eighth and final season of Scrubs will air on ABC this fall.. Also, CW has renewed Reaper for a second season next fall. It is said to air midseason after the conclusion of Smallville‘s run. Hmm..

Prison Break is set to begin filming its fourth season later this month and will do so with a new cast member, Micheal Rapaport.. Meanwhile, the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother has been picked up for a fourth season. Yay. 🙂

Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, Amazon has set up a pre-order listing for the Season Three DVD. They claim it’s set for release on October 14th, which is about the same time Seasons 1 & 2 have been released in previous years.. Amazon has also made pre-order listings for the expected August releases of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Complete First Season on standard DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Both do not have a release date yet, but the retail prices are a bit surprising. The Blu-ray set will go for a retail price of $39.98, while the standard DVD is set for $29.98..

I awoke in the morning and watched some morning TV. But then we got ready and soon headed out to media buy…

Yup, not much this week. First, I headed to Target and picked up some soda while it was on sale. Then I headed to best Buy and picked up Oban Star-Racers – Volume 2: The Oban Cycle (yup, they had it out a week early again.. wished they had next week’s TMNT 2k3 release as well) and Black Snake Moan (Circuit City price-match from $14.99 to $8.99 🙂 ). I was also tempted by the new Indiana Jones releases.. until I saw the new trilogy set was in three thincases. Ew. I only want my TV series like that.. And look, all four Indiana Jones films have already been announced for Blu-ray.. :p

My dad did a few things, then we returned home. We soon watched some Ellen, then I got online for a bit to inventory the new discs. But I soon took over the TV and played GTA IV. But only for about hour and a half this time. I then shut it off and watched The Golden Compass on DVD. Pretty good movie. I enjoyed it to a reasonable extent.. After the movie, I got online to news-gather. We had some supper, then I finished up online by 8PM. We then watched two new episodes of According To Jim (haha.. see she finally had the baby irl :p), followed by Reaper (good episode) and last night’s Bones (pretty good episode.. omg @ that ending though O_O).

Then I just returned to my room for the night.. See ya.

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